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tlr online
25-01-03, 00:15
Anyone waiting up to watch the Australian Open Tennis final between Serena Williams v Venus Williams? Sue Barker introduces live coverage from Melbourne Park at 2:20am GMT on BBC1. Serena is playing to hold all four major titles at the same time.


tlr online
25-01-03, 20:52
Well, Serena came through, but Venus took it to a third set. Great game. This evening is the mens final from Melbourne Park at 02:50am on BBC1 featuring the unstoppable Agassi gunning for glory.

25-01-03, 21:00
pretty good game yesterday tlr, between S+V...

Today, i think it will be an easy run for agassi... - just too good i think...

Was a good Aus Open this year. I didnt go like i ussually do, but watched most of it.

25-01-03, 23:12
Andre went to the same grr...private...school as I did...

tlr online
25-01-03, 23:14
Draco. That's pretty cool. Do you remember him?

25-01-03, 23:30
Hehe...Im 19, hes what 36? ;)

But it would have been kew to know him...

tlr online
26-01-03, 00:01

26-01-03, 00:41
*pft*... private school...

26-01-03, 03:57
Whats wrong with private schools? The quality of education far exceeds public.

tlr online
26-01-03, 04:53
Great match. Agassi ruled with supreme confidence, authority and flair. What an amazing comeback from a professional athlete 32-years-old. 6-2 6-2 6-1. Australian Open winner 2003. Andre Agassi.

26-01-03, 07:18
I only went to private school for the first 8 years of my education...when I went to public school, I learned more about the real world in 1 month than I ever did in 8 years of private school...

26-01-03, 07:24
But do you really need "real world" lessons as soon as you can stand?.

26-01-03, 07:33
not true...

Its not where you go to school, but your determination of study...

Public schools far exceed in skill building, well here in Oz anyways, as opposed to private schools, that make 'academically good' students that go on for another 8 years to get a doctrite in something they dont even enjoy.

Its no use being academically good in this world... - scholars just arent treated the same as hard workers - I could have chosen to go to a private school, but never would...

- Duffman, supporting public education to the max -

- dont take offense, some people that go to private schools and dont turn out to be snobs are fantastic persons..., like all us here - :D :D

26-01-03, 07:35
I never went to private school myself.

26-01-03, 08:32
Well since my last post, I thought some...

I think most of my dissention toward private school was the religious force feeding...they tried to make the world look black and white...

26-01-03, 08:41
hmmm... black and white... interesting Draco.

so good is good and bad is bad, right is right and wrong is wrong and nothing in between... - not likely in this confused and confusing world...