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25-01-03, 22:38
"October Grace" by yours truly. (http://www.electronicscene.com/m1/1554/1024/media/5496.mp3)

I remember how someone said they'd like to hear something I recorded with my multi-track that I got for Christmas, so I thought I'd post this.
I hate my voice, so the vocals aren't as prominent in the track as they could be, but as ever, I believe the voice to be just another instrument, so clarity is not necessary in the lyrics. That said, it's a silly little love song underneath, about not being able to tell someone how you (I) feel because you don't know them (her) well enough.

Oh, and this is the first song I've ever done on piano.

October Grace
Somewhat unspoken but not untruthful
Just too unknown I'm unreliable
So what do I say when it's time?
It's far too early and there's too far to climb

A short distance a short delay
Have to make sure it doesn't decay
Stay around you take no effect
Things get better but not perfect

October grace
October grace
October grace

October grace
October grace
October grace

When will it happen?
When will it happen?
When will it happen?
When will it happen?

25-01-03, 23:27
I haven't even finished it yet...but if I was a Music Producer, I would have made an offer...

And you can always find someone who likes their voice... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

I bow to thee...

26-01-03, 14:01
Thankyou, Draco. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
If I ever end up in a band, hopefully we'll be able to get record the songs properly.


26-01-03, 14:41
fantastic work mate...

It reminds me of a 'counting crows' song i have called 'color blind' from the cruel intentions soundtrack - (not saying you copied, but it just reminds me of it)

I have written countless songs... - played bass for a band in high school, but did covers and only one original we all wrote - but after that i started writing. One of my mates did the bars for a song i wrote, it ended up pretty kool sounding (just guitar) and i would like to oneday either myself or someone else, do/compose my songs as i think it would be kool. I used to be in the choir *blush* but that voice is no more and although i dont think i have a **** voice, i would have to 'tweak' the sound for optimal sound...

top track, keep em coming mate... :D :D

Thumbs up from Duffman... OH YEAH!!

26-01-03, 23:24
Nice work Caisenma ;)