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tlr online
26-01-03, 00:02
A fast-spreading, virus-like infection dramatically slowed Internet traffic Saturday, overwhelming the world's digital pipelines and interfering with Web browsing and e-mail delivery. Monitors reported detecting at least 39,000 infected computers, which transmitted floods of spurious signals disrupting hundreds of thousands of other systems worldwide. Sites monitoring the health of the Internet reported significant slowdowns, although recovery efforts appeared to be succeeding.

"Everything is starting to come back online," said Bill Murray, a spokesman for the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center. "We know what the issue was and how to mitigate it, and we're just imploring systems administrators to apply the patches that will prevent this from propagating again."

Bank of America Corp., one of the nation's largest banks, said many customers could not withdraw money from its 13,000 ATM machines because of technical problems caused by the attack. A spokeswoman, Lisa Gagnon, said the bank restored service to nearly all ATMs by late Saturday afternoon and that customers' money and personal information had not been at risk.

Millions of Internet users in South Korea were stranded when computers at Korea Telecom Freetel and SK Telecom failed. Service was restored but remained slow, officials said. In Japan, NHK television reported heavy data traffic swamped some of the country's Internet connections, and Finnish phone company TeliaSonera reported some problems.

"It's not debilitating," said Howard Schmidt, President Bush's No. 2 cybersecurity adviser. "Everybody seems to be getting it under control." Schmidt said the FBI's cybersecurity unit and experts at the federally funded CERT Coordination Center were monitoring the attack and offering technical advice to computer administrators on how to protect against it. We as a technical group are getting better at identifying these things and putting filters in place in a timely manner," said Marty Lindner of the CERT Coordination Center.

Article courtesy Associated Press

26-01-03, 00:19
Another Article: http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/internet/01/25/internet.attack.ap/index.html

tlr online
26-01-03, 02:27
The effects are still being felt across the U.S. I can hardly reach many U.S. hosted sites atm. Most return a ping but choke on anything heavier than a request. Amusing how CNN describes the virus as "causing no damage" when Co. stand to loose millions as the internet grinds to a halt.

Croft Security
26-01-03, 03:03
I have a futuristic racing game that takes place after a huge "e-storm" brings civilization to a grinding halt. Sounds like it may be a reality one day. :(

26-01-03, 03:23
If you can make it there:

It SQL2K on UDP port 1434 at leasts that what I know.

tlr online
26-01-03, 04:48
Thanks for the info Lara Croft.