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26-01-03, 13:36
I am going to be gone for a bit, so TLR, if you dun mind keeping an eye out and updating Garfield... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

I doubt very much that I will be able to respond before April, but I will be back, I guarantee it...

I will not say good bye...oh I just did... :rolleyes:


26-01-03, 13:42
we will keep the place warm for you mate... ;)

26-01-03, 16:05
8 weeks and you say "for a bit"???!!!??? :D I'm kidding... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Take care Draco... See you soon (in 8 weeeks ;) )

26-01-03, 18:49
Noooo don't go Draco!! What will I do without you here at 4AM, I'll be sad with none of your comments We will miss you

26-01-03, 20:30
I had a minute to stop by before I took off...sheez, you would think I had been here a long time... :rolleyes:

Hehe...yall are funny... :D

Later... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-01-03, 20:55
See ya in 8 weeks Mr Tiger - dragon morphing thingy ;)

tlr online
27-01-03, 00:06
Sure thing. Keep safe and smiling.

27-01-03, 04:39
miss ya just a little dragon prince.

the croft woman!
27-01-03, 15:39
Your leaving us for 8 whole weeks!! Do you realise how many posts your going to be reading when you get back???

Where do you think your going anyway?? :(

We'll miss ya! we'll miss ya a lot Draco! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Bye bye, wherever your headed, have fun!

28-01-03, 00:45
Originally posted by Draco:
I sheez, you would think I had been here a long time... :rolleyes:

You're an old FART :D :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tlr online
28-01-03, 00:51
Anyone know where he's going?

28-01-03, 05:13
I do tlr. basic training.

29-01-03, 19:41
Just moveing this to the top. If any of y'all think of the resident dragon in the next weeks put a post here o.k.?
It would be a nice welcome home if he found lots of posts letting him know we thought of him at various times.

29-01-03, 21:57
...a voice from the darkness.....

Byez Draco, and take care till then... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

SYS "Whew! That girl has got one bad attitude."

Werner Von Croy
29-01-03, 22:32
Bye Draco http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif hurry back!!

And NO playing with that AW50 ;)

01-02-03, 15:21
Just moving this to the top http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/blackeye/hippy.gif

26 January - 01 February
Almost a week...
More seven to go... :D

01-02-03, 22:18
Thanks Elen.
Funny, I was thinking the same thing about the countdown this morning.
Hey DP I bet you've been going to sleep earlier this past week ;) .

04-02-03, 05:16
Ya know Drac, it's just not the same around here without you. Looking forward to your return. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

the croft woman!
04-02-03, 15:48
The forums dont seem to be as active and as funny without you Drac... come back soon!

04-02-03, 21:49

06-02-03, 21:27
Damn topic!!!! Who told you to go down there???

Up, up, up!!! :D :D

06-02-03, 23:12
:D thats really cute! :D

07-02-03, 17:46
Two down http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif , six to go :( . But who's counting?

09-02-03, 19:17
Hope Draco has fun wherever he's headed. So that's why MSN was so quiet lately.

12-02-03, 04:27
Hi D.P., how are ya goin'? I want to hear everything when you get home!

Hey ELEN. can you attach a big bunch of ballons to this topic so it will stop sinking??????

12-02-03, 05:16
Draco, please get your buns back here!!!! You're missed very much ;)

14-02-03, 04:55
:( It's only 9:50pm and I'm all alone here in this forum. No one to talk to, it's dark outside and it's almost Valentines Day ( Wish I had one of those smlies that squirt tears to insert here). Oh woe is me!! Where is that dragon ;) when you need someone to chat with?????

18-02-03, 06:09
It was at the second page Annacia!!!! :D :D

22-02-03, 17:34
HALF WAY HOME! 4 down and 4 to go.
But who's counting???
And who could miss a dragon (tiger?) anyway?
Perhaps a pirate captain :rolleyes: hmmmmmmmmm.

22-02-03, 18:17
Perhaps a pirate captain Perhaps... Not for sure... :D :D

22-02-03, 18:42

03-03-03, 05:54

03-03-03, 06:09
Another week down. Only 3 to go Elen (since we seem to be the only ones who think of him!). The place sure has been empty don't you think?

03-03-03, 06:11
Yeah... Where is that crazy Draco?? :D :D

03-03-03, 06:18
The lad went off to military basic training. Uncle Sam's been working him over :( .

04-03-03, 16:01
Hello Draco,

why won't you admit it - you're going on an expedition to find

- the holy grail,
- the missing link,
- the proof that aliens landed after all,
- the ruins of a civilisation built by telepathic, coal-eating and fire-spewing dragons!

What do you think, folks?

Let Draco read your story-lines.

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08-03-03, 20:08
Adventurer, cool, sounds like too much fun.
He might be off seeking the High Dragon Council in order to request permission to eliminate Saddam with Dragon fire??
Anyway, another week down, not long now.

13-03-03, 16:20
Thank you, Annacia.

Draco's gone on a secret mission with SG1 through the Stargate to Anne McCaffrey's planet Pern to join efforts with the resident dragons.
They'll help to transport Saddam and his "colleagues" to Siberia.

Siberian tigers are in danger of extinction. Many tigresses get shot by poachers when they leave their lairs with kittens to hunt for food.
Dropping Saddam and the likes of him in front of the tiger-caves will enable the mama tigers to stay home and care for their young.

See? Saddam can do some good! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

13-03-03, 16:45
Well, the tigers are a lot more valuable than Saddam any day!

13-03-03, 16:55
Hello Annacia,

what's LMAO ?

13-03-03, 23:20
;) I had to ask tlr when he said it to me.
"laugh my ass off"

16-03-03, 02:52
:D The count is winding down :D . Only 1 to go :D

17-03-03, 16:16
Thank you, Annacia.

Hey, folks - anyone reading in on this topic?
Where are your theories on what Draco is up to?

The German "Verfassungsschutz" (constitution protection agency) wants to come down hard on the right-wing extremists in former East Germany in particular. One of the reasons is that Leipzig (beside Hamburg, the Rhein-Ruhr area, Frankfurt and Stuttgart) wants to host the Olympic Games in 2012 among other reasons.
Draco is on an undercover mission impersonating a right wing American to gather intelligence on the neo-nazi net and those busters will get busted good.

When you come back let us know how you liked Leipzig, Draco. :D

18-03-03, 01:38
I have to get serious for a moment. It's the early evening of March 17 and I've just listened to the President confirming war.

Dragon Warrior:
May gods heart be with you and all of your new compatriots. Your futures will be uncertain for awhile but I have hope that it will be a brief conflict. I pray that very little blood will color the ground of any land.
Be safe. I already know you are brave.

18-03-03, 02:00
I heard too just now... Like we couldn't see it coming...
Is he just training or will he have to go to war? I don't know if that's a stupid question... :rolleyes:

tlr online
18-03-03, 02:03
The U.S, U.K and Spain will go to war. This was always their intention.

18-03-03, 02:22
I just hope everything goes according to plan now and they'll be finished soon.

18-03-03, 04:41
Hi L4W. His basic is over in a few days and then it's all up to Uncle Sam.

22-03-03, 09:18
Although I have been making hilarious entries here the threat of war has been in the back of my mind.

Wars, famine and torture go on all the time, but since the beginning of this war in particular I've had trouble going to sleep.
I'm anxious for all the people who aren't supporters of sickos like Saddam Hussein.

Now that the war won't be stopped anymore I hope that the Americans will be successful quickly, so that more innocent victims will survive.

It is expected that the fighting between houses at Baghdad may turn out to become lengthy and cost many lives, because the Americans will lose a lot of their modern technology's advantages.

I expect Draco won't have to participate, because he will have finished basic training, but I guess I don't know much about how these things work.

What we should learn from all this again is that we should protest against our governments when they support dictators at the outset.

[ 25 March 2003, 17:33: Message edited by: Adventurer ]

22-03-03, 18:33
Hi Adventurer
I understand how you feel. However unfortunate, war is part of humanity. War has existed as long naked apes have existed. Sadly, there will always be those that will dominate and seek to control and command everything. This is done by cruelty and oppression and curelty is an understatment! Through out history we find examples: Hitler, Gengis Kahn, Vlad the Impaler and on and on.
I do beleive that the entire world should be disarmed. I think thats unlikely. I hope Saddam is distroyed quickly and the U.S. does help the people. Any rabid animal must be distroyed.
Anyway theres nothing we average people can do to stop the military machine once it starts.
The other animals don't war, hummmmmm, I wonder if thats what made us human? What am awful thought!

23-03-03, 18:36
it's Sunday, countdown is over :D

29-03-03, 11:42
Yesterday there was a news report that 100 000 American soldiers are being sent to the gulf more than redoubling the force already there.

I don't know if Draco is senior enough after basic training to be ordered there, too, but now it seems possible.
They certainly won't let him go home to participate in the forum, but his thread will be here for him.

The Americans and British may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Peter Scholl - Latour, a senior journalist was on TV some days ago. The guy knows more about the Middle - East than our respective governments put together.
I wished there was more input like that from other countries on American TV.

He mentioned how the "Schiiten ( don't know the word in English ) and the Kurdish people had been encouraged to revolt in 91 by the Americans, then they were massacred while the Americans looked on.

Now the Americans expect them to be friends.

I hear they are still fighting at Basra.

Najaf and Kerbala are the most holy places to the Schiiten I heard. It would be considered a terrible impiety if coalition forces went in there especially with weapons. I wonder if they know this.

You mentioned that war is part of humanity, Annacia. I guess competition is an ongoing integral part.

I submit that war is wide - spread, but not automatic.
Consider different cultures and countries in the past and present.

Compare for example Scandinavian countries ( prosperity, humane laws, safe situation, stable democracy and comparable gender - equality ) with the social history and situation of extremes like Hitler - Germany and countries in - between.

A contemptuous, unhealthy and unrealistic view of women is always an indicator and an integral part of a relatively mentally ill and abusive society.

Examples are societies determined by fascism, stalinism or religious fanaticism.

Let's hope very much that real mental progress is possible.

This planet is getting small for all of us.

[ 29 March 2003, 11:57: Message edited by: Adventurer ]

29-03-03, 17:49
Certainly you are correct Adventurer. Sometimes I just don't think its possible for the human clan to get past historic behavior. I knew someone who used to say " too soon old, too late smart". The human race is ageing but doesn't seem to be makeing any social progress.

I'm prety sure that if we don't hear anything from him by Mon or Tue he's been sent somewhere. :(

03-04-03, 17:28
Hello Annacia,

Too soon old, too late smart. I have to admit this happened to me indeed.

We are the lucky ones because we live in an area where we are allowed to think more or less because women have fought hard for us and had to survive a lot of hate for it.

Women are allowed to go to school, study and since 1959 (in Germany) we don't have to ask a husband for permission to take a job.

The younger generation tends to take all this for granted; many of them haven't realized the fight for Human Rights never ends because there will always be the hitlers and husseins on the political and the private level who would like to take them away to assert themselves as dictators.

03-04-03, 18:19
History forgottten is history repeated.

04-04-03, 12:26
Yes indeed!

Now they've conquered the Baghdad airport and I still can't help hoping against logic that things inside the city won't get as bad as might be expected.

I'm not an anxious person by nature, but this war gets to me.

I'll keep my fingers crossed or knock on wood for Draco and his comrades.

At least they got Jessica Lynch out. She's now at the Landstuhl - hospital.
She'd prefer to be in the United States with her parents, but a friendly country is the next best thing.
Germany is still that despite the tensions over the differing opinions on the war.

05-04-03, 21:40

17-04-03, 11:18
Welcome back, Draco! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

You here and not in the sandbox...

The quick conquest of Baghdad was a relief, right?

A stone fell off my heart, but I'm so mad at the creeps who plundered the meager hospital supplies, the unique museums exhibits and burned the library. :mad:

Repressive and authoritative regimes harm people's mentality, as was discovered when the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) was opened and we discovered foreigners weren't safe over there. :mad:

Let's hope now the decent part of the Iraqi population will be able to build up a good democracy.