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27-01-03, 00:55
tlr can I ask you a favor? At the uni we are having trouble with Adobe Premiere, can you help? Chat?

tlr online
27-01-03, 01:04
Evening. What's the problem? I don't have ICQ here.

27-01-03, 01:54
i also use adobe photoshop 6 to put together 3D animations i make Trin...

If i can help any, just ask... ;)

27-01-03, 02:42
Thanks Duffman. I'll keep that in mind. I haven't got to the 3D section yet of Photoshop, just recently learned how to use the gradient in a mask. Pretty cool. :D

tlr - where are you? We just purchase a new computer system, Alienware :eek: , and it comes with Windows XP. Premiere doesn't seem to want to work with XP for some reason but I don't know what error message is coming up. I was wondering if you had time on Wednesday to help?

tlr online
27-01-03, 02:47
Trinity. Wed is fine, alert me by posting here. Try using Premiere 6.0 and not 6.5 on Windows XP. I have experienced obscene probs running 6.5 on XP, especially with exporting Windows Media based streams. 6.0 seems to work fine. Any error messages would be helpful in diagnosis tho.

27-01-03, 02:53
Thank You. :D

27-01-03, 03:09
Doh, i meant adobe premiere 6... not photoshop...

27-01-03, 03:11
i have adobe premiere version 6 on windows XP, and had 5 previously working also...

Have you tried the very cool Hollywod fx Gold transitions? - they are so worth a look...

27-01-03, 03:23
tlr - did you go to a superbowl party? :D :D