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27-01-03, 17:53
When I download something for example custom levels it goes in the Temporary Folder, but what happens if I want to download it in another folder, this use to work fine but now it always downloads it in the Temp Folder.

Please help me


27-01-03, 17:57
Hi Colin...

I can't see where is the problem... You can select whichever folder you want to save the file you download...

27-01-03, 18:03
Elen, I use to get a message before I download something saying what folder I want to save it in, and I ticked this box on the message saying do not show this message again and it keeps saving all the stuff I download in the Temp Folder. I hope this explains more. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

28-01-03, 09:00
Elen, where are you? I need your help. The post above tells you exactly what my problem is. Is there anyone who has had the same problem? :(

tlr online
28-01-03, 09:28
Colin. If you're using I.E., click TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > ADVANCED and hit the RESTORE DEFAULT button. That should clear it up.

28-01-03, 14:51
tlr online, I'm using AOL. Does anyone have this ISP?

28-01-03, 20:47
Hi Colin...
I'm sorry :( I had to leave last night...

I'm also using IE... I don't think I can help you. But if I'll find something, I'll let you know...

29-01-03, 09:41
Thanks Elen. It isn't a big problem but I don't know where the Temporary Folder is, I'm so thick. :D