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tlr online
28-01-03, 00:03
During the funky 70's, Starsky & Hutch were the staple diet for evening viewing and playground banter alike. And now thanks to Empire Interactive Entertainment you can stop racing round London in your Ford Focus at breakneck speeds and jumping on people's bonnets in ASDA car parks because Starsky & HutchTM is due to be unleashed onto the PlayStation® 2, PC CD-ROM, XboxTM, GameCubeTM and Game Boy AdvanceTM.

Following the style of the TV show the game won't just simply be another driver/shooter. In each level you'll have to maintain viewer ratings (VR) that acts like a timer. Saunter around Bay City carefully obeying the speed limit and people will switch off with boredom; reproduce the over the top driving of the cult duo performing corner slides and ploughing through every cardboard box infested alley that gets in the way and your ratings will soar.

And we wouldn't like to break up the partnership so although the game can be played in standard one player mode controlling both the driving and the shooting both versions will allow a friend to pick up the controller (light gun support for PlayStation® 2) and blast away while you put the pedal to the metal downtown. But if you are Johnny no mates then an AI Starsky will pop up during the action to give you advice and generally hurl abuse at the crims.

Based on the successful 1970's TV show, the game features:
</font> 15 square miles with over 150 miles of road of Bay City to explore.
</font> Advance real-time car and environmental physics.
</font> A host of vehicles to unlock and six weapons to wield against the perps.
</font> Voice over from Antonio Fargas, the ultra cool Huggy Bear.
</font> PlayStation® 2 version will support light gun controller.
</font> 18 episodes (levels) spread over three series.
</font> Unlockable extras in every episode to maximise the replayability.

28-01-03, 00:12
You have got to be kidding!!! :D
Starsky & Hutch? My favorite show LONG ago :D

tlr online
28-01-03, 00:22
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt.

28-01-03, 00:28
GET OUT! This I got to see :D