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28-01-03, 05:50
Hi. haven't talked to ya in awhile. Whays up on the baby goat?

29-01-03, 22:27
Hello to you to! There's kind of been a drought of info regarding the goat, but my aunt finally got the goat book in the mail last time we talked, and that's been all. Hopefully there will be some news soon, like them getting the goat book, and actually getting the goat. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

29-01-03, 22:49
Anything else going on? It's nice to talk to sombody from home!

30-01-03, 20:47
Hmm...not really. I'm stuck at home with a cold, which is never fun.But at least I get to sleep in and watch T.V.

01-02-03, 00:53
If you can swing it, head for the Springs for the week end. Bakeing out a cold in the sun might not be to bad.

01-02-03, 03:01
Well, we're having a VERY hot winter this year. Like, for today, it was in the 90's, and earlier this month has also been really warm. (not as warm, but pretty close to it.) nothing a cold during a warm winter! ;)

tlr online
01-02-03, 03:13
It has been snowing here, and in some parts of the U.K. ppl are sleeping in their cars tonight because sheet ice has covered the tarmack on the freeways.

02-02-03, 03:47
Holy Cow! and I've been b******g about the snow here and I'm indoors and warm. Think I'll smile and be happy.
Wish I were back in So. Cal.

05-02-03, 00:26
I know. It's been like summer in the winter! Oh, and now my grandparents know about the goat. They called a while back, and we spilled the beans.I could only hear one side of the conversation, but I can just imagine what they were thinking.

05-02-03, 02:30
:D hehehehe
I grew up mostly in Orange Co and was just thinking that if I were there now I could leave the snow (Big Bear) and be on the beach in a couple of hrs.
Think I'm getting homesick :rolleyes: .

06-02-03, 00:26
Yeah...I know what it's like to be homesick to. Last July I was on a People to People trip to Europe for three weeks. Other people in my group knew each other, but I didn't know anybody, and I was too shy to talk to anybody. So I was a loner for the whole three weeks, halfway across the world from anybody I knew, and my phone card never came in the mail, so I couldn't call home. Oh, and Italian heat is some of the worst heat I've experienced. One day we were walking around Venice;it was 108 degrees, and my portable fan wasn't working, and the only water I had was practiclly near the boiling point! But anyway..getting back to the topic.

06-02-03, 05:00
We never left the topic. It was just Hi and what's up?. Hmmmmm, I've always wanted to visit Venice. Perhaps Dec would be the best time!

07-02-03, 00:43
Oh, okay. And you know, another really fun place to visit is Austria. We went there after Italy, and it is SO beautiful there. We also had a homestay for four days,and so there I was in Sirnitz, a wonderful little town in the Alps. A little creek running through town, forest trails, getting to eat berries right off the bushes, and a nifty swimming pond with a floating trampoline and a diving board.And a nice, mild climate, and it rains quite a bit there. On our fist or second day in Austria, we took a hike in the Alps to a mountain lake. Some of the others found it hard to breathe because of the altitude, bur I was just fine. And there was a lot of cows. But when we got back, there was this really cool toboggan like ride; it cost 2 Euros a turn, and it was SO cool! There's this wire thing your "sled" is hooked to, and you slowly climb up a hill, then you're unhooked, then you slide down the hill really fast, and there are quite a few turns. On my first time, I forgot to leave my camera (disposible) on the ground, and it flew out, and it got run over 4 times, at least! When I got out, I noiced my camera was missing, and some of the girls behind me noticed that they ran over something black. It eventually slid down to the bottom, and it was totally mutilated! The top half was almost completely gone, and it was horribly scratched. It was one of the most funniest things I've ever seen!Amazingly, the pictures I took on that camera turned out.