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28-01-03, 06:45
I need to know what screen resolution you use to browse the internet in hope of better adjusting TRA for viewing.

1. Do you view in 1024x768 or higher?
2. Do you view in 800x600 or lower?

tlr online
28-01-03, 08:54

28-01-03, 09:43
i build my websites for 1024x768 becuase if seen research that that is the most common res, but also have 800x600 versions for the ones that have that...

i currently use 1024, but i think im gonna upgrade to dual monitor at like 1280 res, because i always seem to have not enought desktop space...

sometimes, if im viewing websites for ages, ill "F11"... does anyone else use the internet explorer F11 function?... its pretty good...

28-01-03, 12:51
Thanks. I assumed most people used 1024+ so I went ahead and expanded my site. What do you think? TRA (http://tra.gamersuplink.com)

I still wish to your resolution though. I think I'll look into one of those scripts that records that info.

28-01-03, 13:48
1280x1024 at home and workplace.

the croft woman!
28-01-03, 15:42
1024 x 768 hurts my eyes, so I use 800 x 600 http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

28-01-03, 16:01
pwhirl, cool site :D

28-01-03, 18:33
Nice site, but I'm getting runtime errors when it loads.

28-01-03, 18:45
Where abouts are these errors? Is it that little yellow error in the status bar? If so it's the ad at the top which I'm looking into.

28-01-03, 20:55

Ummm... I don't know if the site is yours... But what will I win if I'll hit the target???? :D :D LOL...

28-01-03, 20:58
The ads not mine and I'm sorry to say those are all scams. :D

28-01-03, 22:22
Yeah, I assumed it was a JavaScript error. It's gone now, though, so it must have been the ad.

29-01-03, 06:32
top site mate... do you like tomb raider or something? - hehehehe

im yet to see a tomb raider site/dedication site that isnt black or dark in color... its fine, but funny how things like that are standards...

Thumbs up from Duffman (...who is thrusting towards your site) OH YEAH!!!

29-01-03, 07:17
Yeah it is funny isn't it. Glad you like it, still lots to do though.