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29-01-03, 12:49
I'd love to hear other peoples, but here's mine as a starter. All you have to do is say when you bought and played the games + any humerous experiences you had in the process.

Early 1999 - It was around about this mark in time that I first played one of the games. It was TR2, and I was round at my cousins. I'd never used a Playstation joypad before, and I was totally useless as I attempted to get Lara up and out of that cave. I quit even before I reached that wooden grate up in the top tower that collapses underneath you. I didn't find the game particularly enthralling.

January 2000 - Being the 'spur of the moment' shopper that I am, I was walking around Leeds City Centre one day when I suddenly decided to buy a Playstation-1. To go with it, I thought I'd buy a couple of games. I didn't have a clue which ones though, and in the end I randomnly picked out two that I'd heard of through word of mouth.

One of those games was Final Fantasy 7. The other was Tomb Raider 2. In regard to the latter, I had a choice of buying either that or the original. However, as much as I was keen to give the TR series another chance after my disasterous playing attempt round at my cousins the previous year, I didn't want to play the Great Wall again. Thus, I bought TR2 instead of TR1 because I mistakenly thought that the game I'd played at my cousins WAS TR1. Duh!

I finally did the Great Wall of course once I'd put myself in a position of having to do it, and five weeks of toil later I'd completed the game.

March, 2000
I was gripped already, and not long after finishing TR2, I wandered off back to HMV to get a copy of the orginal. I found this game easier, and finished inside of three weeks. It was to be the last time though I'd complete a TR game without help.

April, 2000
I couldn't get enough of TR by the time I bought the third game, and even though I distinctly remember purchasing 'Command and Conquer : Red Alert' the same day, I don't think I played it much in the weeks to follow.

I found TR3 to be very hard, and I remember taking much longer to finish each individual level than I had on the previous two games. Maybe it was because I'd tired myself out over the previous months? Who know? But in the end I got so frustrated on Thames Wharf I used a walkthrough to get past a wall. :mad: It was for something really obvious as well - that monkey swing over the empty VAT. If only I'd remembered the new move!

TR1 and 2 may have taken me 8 weeks combined, but TR3 took me months. It wasn't until September that I finally completed the game one glorious Autumn morning.

November, 2000
I took a two month break before venturing onto the 4th game, both due to poor finances and a commitment to completing Final Fantasy 7. When I did I found the game to be harder than the first two but perhaps not as much as TR3 was. In any case, I think I finished it in January the following year.

April, 2001
This was when I bought TRC. I also bought "Silent Hill", "Resident Evil", "Theme Park World", and "Final Fantasy 8" that day. (I'd just been paid). I'd tired of the series by this stage, and TRC was probably my least enjoyable experience of the games as a result. Doing five Tomb Raiders in less than 18 months is a lot.

January, 2003
My appetite is back! Now where the F$% is AOD?

Ok, your turn. TELL TELL TELL.

29-01-03, 16:27
August 2000: TR2 (took me about a month)
A friend bought a PSX and was wondering which game would be his first. I couldn't help him as I didn't know much things about PSX. Then he said that once he played TR and he liked it a lot. So, he asked me if I wanted to join him with TR2 and I agreed. He gave me the gamepad and we started playing Lara's House.

The funny thing is that when we found the switch in the maze and saw the door that opened in Lara's House, we spent about 3 days to get in there. Where is the funny thing?? We thought that we had to pass this point in order to proceed with the game :D until another friend told us that it was not necessary... I almost died :D

I was amazed by the game and I felt that this was just the beginning...

October 2000: TR3 (took me about two and a half months)
My brother bought me TR3 and TR4 as he saw that I was talking a lot about this game. I started playing TR3 having a bad feeling about the original game because I wanted to play them in order. But what the heck!!! I had TR3 in my hands :D This was a lot more difficult than TR2. Maybe it seemed a lot more defficult because I played it on my own. There was no a second "brain" next to me :D I thought that this game didn't have an end. It was too big for me. But I hadn't seen TR4...

January 2001: TR4 (took me about three months, maybe longer LOL)
The training level with Von Croy was horrible for me. I couldn't count the times that Werner was talking. You see, I was already practiced with Lara's moves in the previous two games. But this made me stuck once in the training level. Can you believe it???? Because Werner was explaining to me how to shimmy on the wall and I didn't notice what he did. I could see him on the ledge but I didn't know how to go there!!!!! The bad thing is that I didn't have a single savegame. I didn't save at all. And I had to restart the game :mad:

When I finally finished the training level, I was amazed by the game and I will never forget the rope in the "Tomb Of Seth" level. That was a nightmare for me. But TR4 was and still is my best game!!!

June 2001: TRC (took me about 20 days)
"What am I doing??? I'm going to play the last TR game and I haven't even seen the original"... But this didn't make me not to play it :D

It was an easy game for me and I was extremely lucky as I didn't counter many bugs during gameplay and not even one in the VCI levels. As most of the players, I couldn't find the second Garden Key in the "Streets Of Rome" level, it took me (I can't remeber how long) to pass the dragons in "Trajan's Market" level, I didn't know what to do with the hammer I found in the "13th Floor" level etc... But not many stucks... And when the game ended and I saw the credits, I was watching the names and I couldn't believe that this was the end...

August 2001: TR (took me about a couple of months)
"Happy Birthday to me" :D After one year of Tomb Raiding I finally had in my hands the original game. "Ummm... Who's that girl??? I thought I would play TR"... I couldn't recognize Lara from the graphics... "Where's her plait??? What are these footsteps on the floor??? Who am I???" After three levels I got used to the graphics but I was crying at the same time because I didn't play this game first...

(Sorry for the big post)...

29-01-03, 18:22
Aww Elen ;)

I can't believe you started in 2000 too! Because you were a moderator an all, I thought you would have been one of these 1996 veterens. Jeez. TLR online will probably come on now and tell us how he started last summer.

BTW - Nothing wrong with a long post Elen. Better you wrote a good post like what u did, rather than writing a characterless....
"1999 -Played TR1,
2000 - Played TR2" etc

29-01-03, 18:35
Jeez!!!! :D Are you surpised Scottlee?? :D :D No, I'm not one of these 1996 veterans... But I am a veteran, don't you think??? :D LOL... I'm kidding... ;)

29-01-03, 21:05
...a voice from the darkness.....

(I'm back, after installing XP and putting back all TRs. Everything works!)

Excellent topic again, Scottlee!

I think, it really doesn't matter who when started. Being an expert is based on experiences not on 1996!

The summer of 1997...
It was my "before the first" experience with TR. I saw TR1, at my buddy's - Simika - house. It was TR1, and "Lost Valley", and the scene when the T-Rex kills Lara... Ehh... That was all. I liked the fully 3D-environment, and the "realistic" female character. I wasn't interesting in the game, though. At that time, I was interesting in other things, and they are far away from playing computer games...

1998.07.24. Friday... It was love at the first sight...
Yes, I clearly remember that hot summer day, as it was my really first meeting with Her. It was Simika again, who introduced Lara to me, with showing TR1 on my computer, here, at home. I remember, He phoned me in the early morning, and He told me, He has some cool stuffs, and TR1 & TR2 too. I said about "okay, come" for that. So, when I first saw running TR1 on my computer, I was a bit cynical after the intro-FMV, and I asked Simika about that: "So, they will send this weak woman, eh?!" - You know, for that "little trinket", the Scion. He answered: "She is a super hero." - and He was really serious. After "New Game", I believed Him: I was amazed, as I was seeing how Lara is fighting with those crazy wolves. In the beginning of "Caves", Simika showed me some moves of Lara...
In the evening, I introduced the game to my Sister too, and I remember, I was very impassioned! Yeah, I enjoyed that A Girl shows what She knows! :D And She also had a personality (not like Duke Nukem for instance)...
And I started it that night, at about 10pm. I played to 3am, I remember, and I was just at the end of "City Of Vilcabamba"...so much adventures behind Her and my back, and the fears about the bears... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
Next day - as I remember -, my Sister started the game too... But we didn't help each other, we just watched each other's adventuring. She laughed as She knew that mummy will explode in Egypt, and for my fears about the raptors, in "Lost Valley"...
I finished the game on the 18th of august, and my Sister finished it a few days later... After the feeling of the adventures and places, and the first story of Lara, I felt I missed something...I can't explain it...I just wanted to restart the game, perhaps...although I thought that there's TR2 too, on my HDD...
Anyway, my Sister played just this episode - twice -, but She knows so much about the others... ;)

1998.08.25. Lara again!
I started TR2, and a whole new adventure... I finished it on the 3rd of september... So, I was faster with it, although I stucked in several places for a few hours...

You have to know that, I've played the ripped versions of these two games, for the first. But later, I supplied the full versions - no, still not the originals -, and I was stunned again by the scary ambient sounds! I also supplied TR1Gold... In this year's Christmas, I played again TR1 (started on 1998.12.18., finished on 1998.12.24.) - with my Sister again -, and then TR1Gold (finished on 1998.12.27.) for the first. And after that, I completed TR2 again, on 1999.01.05.

1999.02.13. Adventures of Lara Croft...
I supplied TR3, and started to play on the above date. It ran horrible on my weak PI without any accelerator card! I played it in Software Mode, at 512x384, but I had to reduce the screen to a small window. And the game was very slow... But I didn't care of it, I completed it... I finished it on 1999.04.19. Hehe, I remember, I stucked in "Lud's Gate" for weeks, 'cause I wasn't able to put that damned "Embalming Fluid" into it's gap... And when I found out it's way, I thought myself a really clever man (as I didn't use any helps)... :D

I finished TR2Gold with all Secrets! I remember, I searched the last Secret in "Kingdom" for about 2 days (almost all day). But I didn't complete "Nightmare In Vegas", funny, but true: I just checked it, as I was planning to replay again all games...

I started again TR1 and the whole known episodes, as it was the first "birthday" of Lara in my heart... I replayed every episodes, and I was waiting for TR4 very highly...reading game magazins heavily, collecting screenshots, and such like things... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif During, I supplied my first 3D Accelerator: a Voodoo1 with 4 MB VRAM... Anyway, it was the first time, when I collected every Secrets for all episodes...

I started TR4, and I finished it on 2000.02.25. I found 60 Secrets out of 70. And I remember, I was really sad after watching the end-FMV. Anyway, the FMVs was horrible slow, as I had just a PI-133MHz at that time. But I understood everything...

I finished "The Times Exclusive" add-on for TR4. I really liked it, as it has a cut-scene at the beginning, and the level was awesome - although a bit short also -, anyway...

I finished TR3Gold with all Secrets... It was enough easy for me, but I really liked it for it's "reality-trivias" and "story-trivias", and for the lots of exciting Secrets...

The middle of the year 2000 and the rest of that year...
TR.hu started in the end of may. After some Internet-activity, the Webmaster - Hamster - invited me - late august of 2000 -, as a co-editor, and I'm on the Site since for that time... During, I replayed again the whole series, and I was waiting for TR5...

I finished TR5 with all Secrets. Yes, I was a bit late, I know, as the game came out in november of 2000, but it didn't matter. I also had a new computer, which was fully enough to play all FMV's, and the game was fast, with a TNT1 card...

From the march of 2001...
I started to buy all TR's in original! At last! :D My first self-bought TR was TR3 and TR3Gold Premier Collection. Later, I went to be a serious collector, so now, I have almost all of the US-versions too (THX 4 Chips & Bits)...

We were invited to watch the TRMovie, before the premier - 2001.07.05. -, in Budapest. There, I'd met first with Hamster and some other Hungarian Fans too. "What c'n I say?" It was fantastic to handshake with Them All! My Sister and my Brother-in-law were also escorting me to that event...

I finished TRGBC1 with VisualBoyAdvance PC-emulator...

I finished TRGBC2 - The Curse Of The Sword - with VBA again...

The year 2002...
I replayed the whole series in HardCore - without any single medipack - mode... And I joined here, to this Forum with full of nice people, at the end of august...

I'm in TReditor and TRLE (no, not building, just raiding)... I'm also looking forward for AOD, and I'm planning to complete TRGB3 a.k.a. "The Prophecy" too. Ah, and BTW...there will be TRMovie2 too, this year... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Okay, I'm sorry to for being sooo looooong again, but I'm a very "nostalgic" person, and I love to remember...

SYS "Whew! That girl has got one bad attitude."

29-01-03, 21:33
Ok dokie then:

It was early 98 and i decided to rent a game called Tomb Raider...mainly because Lara looked so cool.I ended up renting that game for 4 weeks straight & played it up until the 4th level everyday without a memory card and eventually decided to buy it instead.
At that point TR wasnt in stock anymore but would be released in a few months on the Playstation Platinum range of games, so i waited for it.
But before it came out...Tomb Raider 2 came out...so i bought that with lots of excitment.

Tomb Raider eventually came out on Platinum and i bought it, played it and loved...at this point i was in the middle of TR2 and had become a DIE HARD TR fan who worshiped the game.
At the end of 99 Tomb Raider 3 came out...and i bought it.It was at this point that NELL MCANDREW was coming to Australia to promote the game, she was the LARA model for TR3 and i saw her and she sighned my stuff for me...it was such a happy day for me and my friend that day http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Ohhhh the anticipation for TR4 was heating up and the news that TR was going to be a movie TOOK OVER my life, i was so happy i searched the net everyday for a year trying to find out as much as possible.....TR4 came out...it was very HARD and SCAREY but i loved it as all the other games http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

THIS WAS THE TOMB RAIDER MOVIE YEAR.....finally the movie came out, i liked it but wanted the sequal straight away and wanted it too be better...also TR5 came out and i loved it.ANGEL OF DARKNESS was also on my MOST WANTED list...as i waited for news of the game to surface.I also got my PS2 this year and became DVD obsessed.I now own over 200 DVD's http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

This was pretty much a quiet year for TR, but i still Love it just as much as i did in 1998, anticipation for AOD and COL is getting bigger...and i LOVE TR !!!!!!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

29-01-03, 22:10
SYS's buddy - "No, she's a super hero!"


Good replies though SYS and Croft. V.Interesting http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

30-01-03, 09:15
I can't remember if this information is correct or not but hey good enough...

1998: My family and I used to play the old games like Doom, Duke Nukem etc. then we decided that we needed to add to our collection, so we asked the salesman at Dick Smith for his opinion. He told us Tomb Raider was a hit and Tomb Raider 3 was now in store. We orginally bought it for my sister but after working out the controls got hooked. It took me ages but I got to the end when I realised Willard was just to hard for me...

1999: We were in the shop and Tomb Raider 2 Gold was there, I was like "Hey! It's got extras!" so we bought it. I played, I finished.

2000: One day I decided to try at Tomb Raider 3 again and hey! What do you know? I defeated Willard in a couple of minutes!

2000: We bought TR:LR and yeah, it was heaps hard but I did it!

2001: We bought TR:C and I played, I finished.

I also bought Tomb Raider 1 Gold, the graphics gave me headaches but I'm hooked!

I always replay the games and it takes me a couple of weeks, but call me a cheater, I only recently stopped using walkthroughs!


30-01-03, 10:14
im a 1996 veteren, then ever since ive had each tombraider as its bin released, i cudnt live wivout it nemore! i depe http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif nd on it!

Croft Security
01-02-03, 07:57
1996: My sister-in-law introduces me to the Playstation and TR 1.

1998/99: Start TR 3, become exceedingly dismayed at the difficulty of the game, and abandon the series for quite a while.

2002: PC version of TR 3 delivers me from the wells of frustration and despair. I find new interest and delight in the game.

2003: Am a total Tomb Raider freak, have played all the games, and am well into the dangerous waters of custom levels. Who knows what AOD will bring...

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02-02-03, 01:47
Origionally posted by SYS :
I finished "The Times Exclusive" add-on for TR4. I really liked it, as it has a cut-scene at the beginning, and the level was awesome - although a bit short also -, anyway... Whats this??? Never heard of it... a custom level?

02-02-03, 04:41
Oooooh this is gonna be fun....

A friend of mine had the Saturn system, right before he got the PS, and a family member had given him Tomb Raider, but he wasn't too interested in this kind of game (we both consentrated on Myst and Riven at the time.) I kind of liked the game Tomb Raider, the general atmosphere, and beat the first and second level no problem, but that's all I did.

Mid 1998:
My family moved in with a friend of my mother's and she happened to have the Saturn with TR1, and PS with TR3. I remembered the game, and played it with the cheat guide she had, still no easy task, and i ignored the secrets, and did my best not to resort to the guide. Once finished with TR1 I played TR3 over the summer. This was a fun time, although I prefered the feel of TR1, TR3 was long, VERY long, and incredible to fill my entire summer.

Summer 1999:
Late this year I believe it was when I got TR4, and actually played it without any help from a guide. It played far into 2000 over the school year, I stopped at the library level, when I couldn't find that god darn torch!!!

3 months later I found the stupid torch, after walking over it 200+ times. Then continued this aggrivating game into the city of dead, where I took another long break.

I finally got the interest into playing past the city late 2000 and finally beat that game, with 35 secrets and NO help from any guides ;)

June 2001:
Summer came and I immediately searched out the PC version of TR5 in anticipation for more than a year the Level Editor. I swept through the actual game (a bonus compared to the editor) and I started work on my first level "Beneath Vilcabamba" (don't ask)

I continued on a fever of levels almost 1 every week or two, until school began again, and I had already started Atlantis 1-3, after I post-poned my planned Jackal levels and code-named "DOOM" levels (soon to be called "Dark Skies") My Atlantis 1 level did better than my Maya level, and I continued quickly with my second favorite level Atlantis 2.

Atlantis 2 marked a turn for my design and atmosphere approach, and my personal endurence and dedication. I suffered through a personal error that overwrited part of the second half of my level, and I was faced with restarting the seconf half. But I took this to my advantage, and totally replicated it, until the last bits where I revamped it even better than before, to what has earned me much credit to this day as "Installation 12" :D

Now was the big change in my level idea for Atlantis, finally out of the base, into the jungle. This project was enormous, adding 30MB of music and plenty of glitchy forested areas. I was much displeased with the outcome of the level, but I was still fairly new at editing and testing. Nonetheless it did well for a 33MB level!

School begins:
Soon after, I created Atlantis 4 and 5, both sub-par to my last 2. I liked level 4 alot, but players... well didn't... then I started on what I planned to be my best level...

Atlantis 6, a mix of military awe and supurb jungle scenereo, through a technique I had finally mastered, making a forest scene so real, so serene, and remarkably beautiful. And my god the station I had created, from start to end was simply beyond my skills, I could never replicate what I had done, better than Atlantis 2. But i suffered a PC crash, and lost my 3 months of hard work, and I abandoned the Atlantis series for good.

February 2002:
After going through alot of thinking, I finally got back to create a new level, starting my much awaited Dark Skies series. This was to express my deep built up emotions and my love for DOOM, but through the making of Atlantis, the dark skies had evolved from a 2-level doom style to a 4 level mini-series. Then I added the idea of a flyby, then a tutorial, then another level, then 3 more, then finally 2 more. And then an extra level.

So i then created my tutorial, pooring as much detail and atmosphere into it and my flyby, giving no thought to size, and days after I created my most humble level, "City Streets"
It got decent reviews, and many loved the simplicity and amazing atmosphere. Then I created City Ruins, and that's where the rocks started to fly, and the whips started to crack ;)

April 2002:
My consistancy in level development dropped drastically by now, and it took months, rather than weeks to create levels due to school and severe lack of interest/inspiration. But I finally got to what I set out to do, create the levels based on DOOM, Dark Skies 3 and 4. These are by far my favorite levels I have created, and it will take alot for me to top them in my opinion.

November 2002:
I had been very preoccupied, and depressed, so level editing was not an option, and then I worked over the summer. But at last come December I had finished what I started in April! Dark Skies 5-7 was released! At the same time this marked my self-improvement, overcoming some deep depression!

February 2003:
So here I am working on Dark Skies 8, along with many school projects LOL

Croft Security
02-02-03, 06:44
Smylez: The Times Exclusive level was a special level done just for The Croft Times website. It's in the style of TR 4, and is worth downloading, in my opinion.

04-02-03, 00:33
Croft Security, The link to download the Croft Times Level on their website is broken, do you, or anyone else, know another link I can use to get it?

Btw, good to see you, havent seen you posting in a while. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

04-02-03, 06:14
Smylez, try here (http://www.gamesdomain.com/demos/demo/1033.html) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

04-02-03, 18:36
Jan/Feb 2002; while shuffling through a stack of PS games my ex-husband had gotten for our 6-year old son at Christmas, I make a pile ready to be re-sold as they have 15+ or 18+ ratings, TR1 being one of them. Don't ask me what prompted me to put it in the machine, as I had never played a videogame in my life, and I truly had no idea what the game was about, only a faint memory of the mid-90's media furore about a girl who shared my initials. I skipped the intro (something my somewhat less patient son had taught me), and when faced with the cold greyness of the first level, couldn't understand how the media furore, Egyptian hieroglyphics on the cover, and the descriptive title could have anything to do with this! But I pressed on, and once there was some more colour in the background, my interest began to increase. It was in the 2nd half of the 2nd level that I began to see how the ideas did come together somewhat, and I was hooked. Got well and truly stuck in Palace Midas; couldn't figure out what to do with the 5 switches, and scoured endless web pages before I finally got to Stella's walkthrough site and found the answer. Completely blown away by the time I get to the Egypt levels. Incredible!

Feb 2002; ex-husband buys me copies of TRC, TR2, and a demo of TLR, only I'm determined to finish them in chronological order, and though I attempt the demo (completely stunned by the much-enhanced graphics), I plod on with TR1.

Mar/Apr 2002; Begin TR2, and even though it's tougher in spots, I finish it within the month. Wasn't really impressed with it at the time, mainly because of the swarm of human enemies Lara had to waste her ammo on, and really disliked the whole feel of the underwater levels.

Apr 2002; Having a hard time finding a decent inexpensive copy of TR3, so I re-do TR1. Takes me 2-3 days! Attempt TR2 again, but my earlier contempt for the game still hasn't eased. and I give up after a few levels.

May/Jun 2002; Success at last!! Finally manage to acquire copy of TR3, and am overwhelmed by it all. The graphics, story, moves, everything. Because it's so huge the first time, I "rush" as best as I can, not worrying about secrets, and the game takes up much of my free time that summer. Also gain copy of TR2 Gold, which I prefer over TR2, incidentally, and do those levels on my PC when not playing TR3.

Aug 2002; start on Lost Artefact after finishing TR3. Like TR2 Gold, enjoy these short levels very much. In the meantime, scour around for a copy of TLR that meets my specifications (cheap http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif !!!). Download the Times demo, which I initially plan to play after TLR, but end up doing it between LA and TLR.

Sept 2002; finally get my feet fully soaked with TLR, after testing the waters back in Feb with the demo. Turns out to be my favourite game, this one. Unbelievably huge, but stunning, challenging, and so diverse. This is what Tomb Raider really means to me. Try to finish it before AOD release in Nov, but luck is on my side, as the delay means I can pace myself and have it finished by December in time for....

Dec 2002; Chronicles, after spending nearly a year patiently on my shelf!! Enjoyed this one, and after the monstrous previous game, finish it within weeks.

I've since begun replaying all the games again to get all secrets and weapons (I'm in the midst of TR3 right now) so that my now nearly-8-year old son can whip some butt as Lara whenever he chooses. I've decided he's not too young any more ;)

(And by the way, since revisiting TR2, I found I ccould enjoy it the second time around, though it still isn't my favourite...)

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05-02-03, 07:25
February 97 (might have been late january)

Im not a morning person but for some strange reason i woke up one morning and it was about 5:00 in the F**in morning. I couldnt go back to sleep so i turned on the tube and caught Gamepro TV. In my half awake-lazy eyed stupor i saw clips of a game called tomb raider, i remember seein some chick fightin a bear and i thought it looked pretty cool the way it was like a 3-D world with depth (most games id seen were side scrolling and i had just bought a PSX). I was in blockbuster a week later and i happened to see it on the shelf. I remember it from that morning so i figured id give it a try. I was instantly hooked and used what little money i had saved up (I was 12 at the time) to buy the game and finish it.
Since then i have bought each TR game the DAY it was released.
Sometimes i wonder what would have happened if i didnt wake up so early that morning