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tlr online
30-01-03, 00:15
The latest research from Telecom One, the UK provider of specialist mobile services and content, reveals that the number of mobile Java games downloaded from its TX1 TV channel (Sky Digital channel 689) and sister website www.tx1.com (http://www.tx1.com) onto Vodafone LIVE's Sharp GX10 handset rose by almost 250% in January compared with the same period running up to Christmas.

Despite the GX10's growing popularity, it is still some way behind Nokia's portfolio of colour phones when it comes to sheer volume of games downloaded. But the position of Nokia's 7650, traditionally recognised as the UK's number one game phone, is under serious threat. It has been overtaken by its sister phone, the Nokia 7210, as the most popular phone to download games on in January.

The 7210 now accounts for 46 percent of all games downloaded in the post Christmas period. Together, these two colour Nokia phones have a 60 percent share of the mobile games market.

"Nokia is by far and away the number one player in the mobile games handset market - almost two-thirds of all our games go to its colour phones," said Will Brown, chief technology officer, Telecom One. "But the competition is catching up, with Motorola and Sharp becoming increasingly popular. This can only be a good thing for the future of mobile game development."

These statistics are based on the mobile Java games downloaded by 10,000 of TX1's subscribers.