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31-01-03, 05:40
whats your favourite movie/movies, maybe different types...? what about all time classics?...

I luv the tomb raider movie, of course... but there are others i also enjoy... what are yours?

31-01-03, 08:14
some of my favs... (in no particular order, except for the first one)...

-Tomb Raider... what can i say...
-True Lies... Funniest action/adventure movie ever, i luved it...
-Star wars series... i respect these films and like them for the story, effects and characters...
-Final Fantasy... i only saw this a few months ago on payTV and thought it was great, animation genius...
-The fifth element... top flick... top chick and bruce rox...
-Die hard... just another "bad day" with bruce... luv the action...
-The beach... top story and i want to go to that beach!!... :D
-Armageddon... it caught me by suprise, and now its evident im a bruce willis fan, but he just gets cast in some great movies... and it helps i want to get into space myself oneday... thats right... ;)

ill think up some more, but for now... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

31-01-03, 10:14
i loved tomb raide rof course

i also love the Mallrats-if ne of u have seen it, dnt no 2 many ppl who have (its got J and Silent Bob in)

I also love Scar face!!

31-01-03, 10:52
My fav. which I remember right now r :

-Tomb Raider
-Final Fanatsy
-Scary Movie (1 & 2)
-Stuart little (1 & 2)
-Scream (1,2,3)

I wonder y anyone has'nt posted "Titanic" yet....

31-01-03, 13:16
Titanic was titanic, and good... im into the actual ship personally and find it all a little fasinating, but the movie was too big, if thats possible... seen it many times, but it being 3 hours long, you cant watch it as you can other shorter films...

Scar face rocked... classic... luved it...
Also on gangstar films... Godfather... great flick... and Donnie Brasco was a great movie too, i luved it...

Do you remember Gremlins?? - that was a cool movie... it was on tonight, but i was working :( so i didnt get to see it all...

31-01-03, 13:23
i always wanted my very own Gizmo-he was SO cute!!! As long as you remembered not 2 feed him after midnight!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

31-01-03, 13:32
My favourites as of now:

The Cell
The Matrix
Resident Evil
The Others

31-01-03, 16:28
My favourites are:

The Mummy (1 & 2)
Superman (1 & 2)
Tomb Raider
Liar Liar
The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Werner Von Croy
31-01-03, 18:41
The mummy 1 & 2 were a good laugh,trouble is I thought the guy who played the mummy looked a bit like a bald Dale Winton?
I`ve loads of movies that are favourites so here`s my 3 key movies-
White Heat
Taxi Driver
Blade Runner

31-01-03, 20:30
In no particular order...
Tomb Raider (of course even though they have made better movies...)
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy
There's Something About Mary
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Ring

Raider Ranger
31-01-03, 20:46
Here's mine.
Shawshank Redemption
Independence Day
Rat Race
Legally Blonde
Long Time Dead
Thirteen Ghosts
51st. State
Enemy of the State
Men in Black 1&2
Jurassic Park 1,2&3
Dead Poets Society

That's all folks for now. :D

01-02-03, 00:00
Cape Fear
Midnight Express
Dances With Wolves
Raging Bull

Monty Python The Holy Grail
Way Out West - Laurel & Hardy


01-02-03, 02:15
I have alot of fav movies! Some of them include...

Indiana Jones Trilogy
Cruel Intentions
Scary Movie 1+2
Rat Race

ee32uk - Dances With Wolves?! :eek: We watched that in History last year and it went on FOREVER! But it was really good I guess ^_^


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01-02-03, 02:35
Im a sucker for some old movies
Gone W/ the Wind
Roman Holiday
Heaven Can Wait
Enough with the oldies. Here are my fav up-to-date ones (Warning: This is a long list)
Of course Tomb Raider
Coyote Ugly
Oceans Eleven
Gone in 60 sec.
Runaway Bride
You Got Mail
Life or Something Like it
Down to you
Now and Then
Cruel Intentions
Fast and the Furious
Bone Collector
Both Mummys
Conspiracy Theory
10 Things I hate about you
Wedding Planner
Miss Congeniality
Bring It On
Legally Blonde
Erin Brockovich
Hmmmm did I forget anything? LOL http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif I could keep going 4ever (but I wont).

01-02-03, 08:45
Originally posted by Miss_Lara_Croft:
i always wanted my very own Gizmo-he was SO cute!!! As long as you remembered not 2 feed him after midnight!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif I still have a gizmo doll... he was my fav and i used to sleep with him every night... getting a little old for that now tho...

WOW!! - good to see some here still remember the classics... i luv the classics, no VFX or animation, just a good story and writing... now i still luv the matrix, and cant wait for the sequals to come out, but classics like Indiana Jones and Dances with wolves and Prince of tides... all still rate highly in my books... Blade Runner was great and so was Monty python... "Mont Python: the meaning of life" was sooo funny and it was soo true and well done. (*remember the fat guy that kept vomitting at the end... lol.... and the guy having his organs removed while he was alive?... OMG i thought i was going to laugh myself to death it was so funny)

The Bone Collector was great, i luved it, and so was shawshank redemption...

good selection guys... good to see im not the only one that likes some of the movies i like, even tho my friends and fam dont like em...

keep em coming if you want to discuss... thanx for the replys...

05-02-03, 02:51
I forgot to add one of my favorite animated films. ICE AGE!!! Its the funniest little movie and I LOVE Scrat the squirrel.