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27-05-03, 00:13
Big Brother housemates Tania and Jon have been discussing brain power after he told her about his physics degree. The sales assistant tried to pay Jon a compliment following his admission, but it didn't go down well.

When she told him: "You're quite intellectual aren't you?" a disgruntled Jon replied: "I don't like that tag." "No, I mean you're not like me. You've got a lot of sense," Tania added. "Well I can pass exams," answered Jon, before Tania chipped in: "You have a lot of intellect about different topics; you can back up what you say. I can't."

The pair were chatting while taking part in the pedalo task. Jon said: "I don't think anyone in here is stupid; we've been chosen as a group of twelve disparate people." "Desperate?" asked Tania - not quite understanding his comment.

Earlier the 29-year-old physics graduate told Justine he's preparing himself for eviction, saying: "I think I'm coming across as straight-laced, overly practical and not fun-loving. I'm not expecting to be here at the weekend." Bookmakers Coral say Jon is now 4-7 favourite to be the first evicted. He is followed by Anouska (13-8) Federico (12-1) and Scott (20-1). Favourites to be the outright winner are Ray (11-4), Nush (4-1), Scott (6-1) and Cameron (7-1).

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27-05-03, 00:16
There are odds already? :D

27-05-03, 13:14
Yes there are odds - 12 of them stuck in that house!

Intellectual my arse. I can't believe I've seen them playing that stupid game of inserting the word 'brain' in film titles, then last night 1. pretending their radio mic packs were mobile phones and 2. singing nursery rhymes. What a bunch of infantile idiots! And if Cameron starts whistling again, I swear I'm gonna put my foot through my TV. I hate whistling, BB should ban housemates from doing it, and tell them it interferes with the mics - they're so stupid they'd believe it.

28-05-03, 06:03
Or you could just stop watching it...hehe

28-05-03, 12:36
Smartarse! :D