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01-02-03, 08:26
Well, what can I say. Unreal. Anyone who has played Half Life will feel right at home. Your faithful assistant Aida, ex-marine and new recruit pilot a vessel searching for seven artifacts. Not all of the missions are related to the recovery of the artifacts, but that's just the general plot. Game play, architecture and textures simply defy belief. The tinest details have been written into the code, even the ex-marine drawing on a cigarette and the butt glowing red, then dropping ash. It's still very much a shoot-em up. Nothing really to think about, apart from peridocially checking you're packing enough ammo to dispense with anyone wandering into your line of fire. The "hell" level is damn fine, and anyone with a healthy fear of spiders will certainly get the willies. The flame thrower and assault rifles are fun, and the new rifle with scope is a dab hand at felling anyone in the distance. After each mission, of which most so far have been planet-based, you return to your ship for some R&R. The interactivity between your crew is excellent, and you can really have some fun each time you return to the ship. Maybe that's part of the rewards for completing missions. I'm about a third through the game, so I'll keep you updated as I go. Don't worry, I won't drop any spoilers here.

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01-02-03, 16:11
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01-02-03, 17:36
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