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tlr online
01-02-03, 15:14
Nasa has lost contact with space shuttle Columbia minutes before its scheduled landing in Florida. It wasn't immediately clear if there was a problem with the shuttle, which has seven astronauts on board, but there have been reports of debris falling. Fearing the worst, Nasa has ordered flight controllers to switch to emergency procedures.

Mission control lost contact with the shuttle as it headed over Texas. Search and rescue teams in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas have been alerted. Columbia was aiming to touch down at 14.16 GMT. It was at an altitude of 200,700ft travelling at 12,500 mph (20,113 kph) when mission control lost contact. There was no further communication and no further tracking data. Reporters at the landing strip were ordered away seven minutes after the scheduled touchdown, with still no sign of the shuttle.

In 42 years of human space flight, Nasa has never lost a space crew during landing, or the ride back to orbit. In 1986, space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after lift-off. Security has been tight for the 16-day scientific research mission, which included the first Israeli astronaut. Ilan Ramon became the first man from his country to fly in space when Columbia launched on January 16.

The shuttle, which authorities had feared would be a terrorist target, was also carrying six Americans. Nasa said yesterday that damage to some of the shuttle's thermal tiles was believed to be minor and posed no safety concern.

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01-02-03, 16:09
Yup...as soon as I woke up I was told to put on the news and this is what I see...I feel bad for the family of the people that were on board, especially because there is no one to blame.
Did you also hear that yesterday in Miami, Fl two guys captured a mail woman and her little truck thingy and made her drive around at gunpoint?
Strange to see two things like that happen at once around here.

01-02-03, 19:57
Thats awful. My mother woke me this morning tellin me the news. Then, I went downstairs to see on tv that it was exploding in the air, as it headed for the ground. About an hour ago I heard on the radio a recording of one of the women on board sayin they were up bright and early, it was going to be a big day, and they were looking forward to get back home. Its awful, all they wanted to do was go home, see their families and friends, and now those closest to them will never be able to see them again, without the chance of gettin to say goodbye. Theres talk that it may even be a terrorist attack, since iraq said they were glad it happened. :mad:

Croft Security
02-02-03, 06:50
A possible terrorist attack was the first thing that crossed my mind, Smylez. It just seems too strange to be coincidence...the first American shuttle flight with an Israeli crew member goes down in flames. I know the military has discounted that possibility, but it makes everthing that's going on in the world look that much darker.

Raider Ranger
02-02-03, 12:18
My thoughts exactly Croft Security. ????????? :(

02-02-03, 13:12
May God Bless them all and the families they left behind. My heart and tears go out to all of them and their families.

I think it could still be a terroist attack

02-02-03, 13:14
May God Bless them all and the families they left behind. My heart and tears go out to all of them and their families that are left behind.

I think it could still be a terroist attack

02-02-03, 23:14
I without a doubt believe that this was a terrorist attack. I believe this because of a freaky thing that happened to me yesterdayon the same day as the crash, this is my story. A customer came in to the store where i work. She is the local RCMP officer. For Officers we use S28's, this is an ancient visa machine, anyway, the date wasn't set right, the numbers set like this, yy-mm-dd. after correcting the date to put the visa through, i freakishly realized the date, 030201, and after hearing all about the crash i realized this could be another date driven terrorist attack, 9-11, rescue code. 030201, 3,2,1, the nasa count down, i'm not sure but it may be possible that a terrorist got a hold of an ICBM (intercontonental ballistic missle) capable of reaching near earth orbit,(where the shuttle was). Thus my predicement, some crazed paranoid coinscidence or anther ordamed date by allah. you decide. It may also be the weapon that was devoloped way back i forget what it was called but it fires shells up to something like 2000 miles or something, it is believed that Saddam has access to this weapon.

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03-02-03, 00:34
I highly doubt it was a terrorist attack. Before the shuttle was even launched, something had fallen off and NASA figured it was not that big a deal. Also, on CNN yesterday, I head that the ground-to-air missiles can only reach 60,000 feet and that shuttle was around 200,000 when it exploded.

Regarding the date, the shuttle was expected to land on 03/02/01. It's not like anyone on the ship CHOSE to land/crach/etc. it on that specific date. It was SCHEDULED to.

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03-02-03, 03:23
Also, the shuttle was under constant visual observation during approach. Anything fired toward it would have been seen.
It's a sad, sad thing.

03-02-03, 03:43
I also don't believe it was terrorists.

I hate this. I hate hearing people talking about it. I hate seeing the flags lowered.

Croft Security
03-02-03, 05:41
Actually, Trinity, the insulation that fell off the Main Tank occurred during launch, while the shuttle was in the air. It is believed that it struck the Orbiter's left wing, although from the video, it looked to me like it struck the right wing. My bet is that this is the source of the problem. The impact may have weakened the tiles on the wing.

03-02-03, 05:59
Yeah, that is true Croft. My whole point was that it wasn't a terrorist attack. I'm getting so sick of everyone automatically assuming everything bad that happens is a terrorist attack, when it is very unrealistic that it was anything of the sort.

03-02-03, 09:15
god bless

03-02-03, 11:18
It is the saddest thing. There's a true saying, what can go wrong, will go wrong. In bad times people automatically believe the worst, forgetting the above saying. When it happens to you or one of your loved ones it's no comfort, let me tell you. My deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives, may God send them some comfort.