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02-02-03, 06:30
This post is in memory of the astronaunts aboard the space shuttle Columbia that lost their lives in a tragic accident on 2-1-03.
Lets not be sorry for their death but let us realize that they lived their dream.

And their dream MUST continue!!

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Croft Security
02-02-03, 06:39
Amen, tobasco. My thoughts are with the fallen, just as they were back in 1986.

02-02-03, 10:03
terrible... just terrible...

As a follower of space programs and dreamer of one day getting there, seriously... i know this tradgedy will not be wasted and information obtained will be used for future flights... i know its a terrible way to gather information, but its better the death of 7 people be used as knowledge for the future, than wasted as just something that happened...

if i cant get aboard one of these ships - when they are safer (as safe as you can be), ill be apart of the future generations that will (with my knowledge of computers that is)...

Duffman salutes 7 space heros...

02-02-03, 14:08
Unexpected... Tragic... :(

02-02-03, 17:41
I saw video footage of all of them on the news, and they all looked like they were a family. It's very tragic that theyre dreams were snatched away from them.

Croft Security
03-02-03, 05:51

I too dreamed of becoming an astronaut in my younger days. I was a constant star gazer and a close follower of the Shuttle program. I still remember the first launch, sleeping over at a friends house and getting up at like 4 or 5 in the morning just to see it. It was incredible. Back then, they painted the Main Tank white, and I remember a newspaper calling it the Taj Mahal.
My dreams of becoming an astronaut were dashed when I was told by an Air Force recruitment officer that all fighter pilots had to have 20/20 vision, which I do not, not by a long shot. But I still see going up into space on the shuttle as just about the neatest thing anyone could do in their lifetime. At least the tragedy didn't happen before they got up. At least they got to complete their mission. I hope NASA recorded the results of their experiments while the orbiter was still up there...

03-02-03, 12:25
... i also am plagued by a rule they have...

i went to the air show here in Aus, FATASTIC... but when we were talking to one of the pilots he said you must be shorter than 5"11 or 5"10 and im 6"4... um... ill just remove the top of my head and ill be right ;) ...

ill be a behind the scenes kinda person, and im sure that they will devise something to counter the height prob (and the vision prob ;) )... the thing was he was saying, that because of the low/no gravity people above 6" or so have trouble with blood flow and keeping muscles fit...

still i luv the shot from the moon, looking back at earth... breathtaking...

Croft Security
03-02-03, 21:49
Well, that's one rule that I would easily comply with! I'm way under 5'11". But I fail miserably in the vision department. I can just see myself going up in the shuttle, with my glasses being smashed against my face with all the G-forces...it wouldn't be pretty http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif .