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Raider Ace
04-02-03, 02:43
Good Evening/Morning all! I thought I died and went to Natla's new plane of existence when I found this site. Oh, before I forget, tell Lara that Natla is "still upset after being thrown over the platform in Atlantis." I would've located this site earlier but I was helping Von Croy dig for Lara. Anyway, Raid On! As Stella would say.

04-02-03, 03:42
WELCOME to the forum...

i hope to see more of you and hop you have a fantastic time here... - well have a laugh and dont take things to seriously, unless need be, like news related discussions...

anyway, just thought i, Duffman, ambasador of TRForums ;) would welcome you to this prestige association :confused: ...

04-02-03, 04:58
Raider Ace please meet Duffman, the tr forums welcome wagon. Sounds like you'll do just fine around here. Glad to meet you.

.Annacia, pirate queen & Captain of the Scarlet Dragon.

04-02-03, 06:09
Hi Raider Ace...
Welcome to the forum... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

04-02-03, 11:23
Hello Raider Ace

Welcome to our forum....you will love this site!! :D

btw/I love Stella's site :D

04-02-03, 12:22

the croft woman!
04-02-03, 15:26
Welcome to the forum http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif You'll love it here everyones so friendly and funny ;)

Raider Ace
09-02-03, 06:22
Thanx everyone! Sorry it took so long to reply back. I bought Chronicles for PC and my chin hit the floor when I saw it came with a level editor. Okay, I'm slow. I was a PS user since TR I in '96. Needless to say, I arc-welded the doors shut( I climb out of the chimney now)and boarded up the windows. Besides work and breathing, this has become an obsession. I'm so pathetic!

09-02-03, 12:11
POSTED BY <Raider Ace>
Besides work and breathing, this has become an obsession. I'm so pathetic! You are not the only one here :D :D hehe...

Raider Ranger
09-02-03, 12:18
I know I'm late but welcome to the Forum. :D