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04-02-03, 21:11
Hi Everyone.

Just popped in to ask if anyone knows the name of the tune in the Lucozade Add?
The Add where lots of girls dressed as Lara run around town. One girl attacks a guy dressed as a gorilla and another girl runs amoke in a restaraunt.

Anyone any ideas wot this tune is? As its starting to drive me a bit Lara.


05-02-03, 10:31
I think it might be the same track as used in The Matrix (the bit with the girl in the red dress), the Matrix track was "clubbed to death" by Rob D (i think) although the intro was missing, and i think its the intro thats featured on the ad.

I could be mistaken mind you, so see if you can hear it before you buy it!

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06-02-03, 20:21
I have looked through my Matrix video and it doesn't seem to be that tune?

In case anyone is not sure or cant remember the tune look at this link. Lara Tune (http://www.topcattc.fsnet.co.uk/LARA.htm)

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.