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06-02-03, 11:47
Whilst reading about the new Indy game due out on X-Box, I began to think...
Remember when you were little, and you had a favourite cartoon character or hero from a film, and you would argue with your friends whether or not your fave could kick the other's butt?
Well, does anyone think that Lara could kick Indy's butt?
Indy may be a 'tough guy' but Lara has a rocket launcher...hmm http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

06-02-03, 12:39
Never mind kicking butt. I think they'd make a damn fine couple! Just think of that adventure.

06-02-03, 13:42
This point of who would defeat whom seems moot to me, too.

What a team they'd make! :rolleyes:

Raider Ace
09-02-03, 07:34
Let's see:
1. Indy has a long whip. Lara has big guns. The kind you shoot with, people. I know what you were thinking.
2. Indy is a full-time teacher. Lara is incredibly wealthy.
3. Indy has one set of clothes. Lara changes outfits like the weather.
4. Indy is single. Lara is single.


Anyone else wanna' add to this small list?

Croft Security
09-02-03, 07:49
Seriously, they are both so smart that they would have a hard time getting the best of each other. It could be argued that since Lara has a nasty habit of getting captured (Natla, Bartoli's men, High Security compound guards), Indy might be able to catch her off her guard fairly easily. But then they would talk, Lara would punch him in the mouth just like Indy's girlfriend did, and then they would team up and make all kinds of wise cracks to each other as they sought for treasure. And Lara could finally fight some Nazis for a change. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

17-02-03, 11:49
Okay, I concede defeat! They'd make a great team...not to mention a great couple...just think of the kids they'd have... :D