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06-02-03, 13:42
Does anyone have the level codes for Tomb Raider on Sky TV ( Gamestar ) ? I am stuck on level 4 and it is driving me nuts :(


07-02-03, 10:41
Come on people , call yourselves tomb Raider fans , has anyone even heard of Sky Interactive ?

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07-02-03, 10:42
Hello Marra. Welcome aboard. No cheats yet I'm afraid.

07-02-03, 10:52
They are not really cheats , when you finish a level you are given a number for the next level so you can start where you left off the next time you play , I have the numbers from levels 1 to 4 and want the next number so I can bypass the most frustrating TR level ever devised , the game is a blatant rip off of Prince of Persia with Lara in place of the Arab and on level 4 you have to jump across platforms that move in and out of the walls , I can get most of the way through the level then come to a spot that is impossible when using a TV remote control to control Lara , by the time you get a key/button to work the platform she is on retracts into the wall and she falls to her doom and you have to start again .

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07-02-03, 12:21
Sky Lara????

What the hell is this??

Any pics or links?

07-02-03, 13:50
It's a game on Sky Digital Interactive where you play on your TV , the game is called "Eye of Osiris" , screenshot here http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds9864.html

07-02-03, 15:09
o reet Marra oo's it garn? (that might sound jibberish to most people...) :D

I played the tutorial level, and hated using the sky remote as a controller, so I havent played any other levels.

What do you think of the game anyway Marra? Is it worth a look?

07-02-03, 15:27
It is awkward using the remote but " Oi baint be a buyin' yon gamepad " Sky have enough money out of me , the game itself is just like Prince of Persia I used to play on the Amiga and isn't too bad apart from level 4 which is a real stinker .

BTW - I'm not a Yokel I am from near Preston Lancashire , Marra is a nickname because my name is Martin :rolleyes:

07-02-03, 16:47
Marra is a word used very locally (West Cumbria - which probably means I am a Yokel) to mean mate or friend. The phrase I said (in english) is Alright Mate, hows it going?

07-02-03, 21:24
I know Cumbria well , I lived in Cartmel for a while and still have friends in Scotforth ( Lancaster ) and Windermere , have you got Sky because you can't get Channel 5 on an aerial :D

10-02-03, 11:22
So I will take that as a no then , nobody knows the level codes :rolleyes:

10-02-03, 15:12
I spent 6 years living in Morecambe, which isn't too far from Preston.