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06-02-03, 17:23
Eidos Interactive, one of Europe's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced that it will publish games for the Nokia N-Gage game deck. The Nokia N-Gage is a mobile game deck device offering console quality games and is set for release later this year. Nokia and Eidos are working together to bring Eidos' exciting content to the Nokia N-Gage.

"This collaboration represents a great opportunity for Eidos to work with the world leader in mobile communications in shaping the next generation in mobile gaming. The Nokia N- Gage game deck will enable consumers to experience Eidos' compelling content in a mobile environment," said Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos.

"Nokia believes that games is the next big thing in mobility. The Nokia N-Gage offers totally new and unique possibilities that were not previously available in this quality for game publishers or end-users. We are very excited about working with Eidos to provide high quality content. Eidos has some of the best known brands in interactive entertainment and shares Nokia's vision of mobile gaming," said Ilkka Raiskinen Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Media Business Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones.

The sexiest single white female in gaming has stormed the Nokia N-Gage game deck. Lara explores ancient ruins across the globe in her quest to find the Scion, a relic from the lost continent Atlantis. She soon learns she's not the only one after the Scion. This version of Tomb Raider includes at least three never-before published levels exclusive to the Nokia N-Gage game deck.

You can also find some cool N-GAGE wallpapers featuring Lara Croft HERE (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/ngage)

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