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12-02-03, 06:15
Well has nothing to do with TR, but I just had a doubt, what do you people, from different countries in the world think of us Mexicans, who we are how our country is things like that, and I mean if you really think bad things please write them I just want too see what you people think, well for anyone that replies, Thanks!

12-02-03, 09:19
well mate, no probs at all with you guys over there...

You seem like a nice bunch, in a prodominately sun burnt land (like Oz), with jeeps http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif and well, look i cant say too much, as media is the only view into your world i see in (mostly), and i dont believe everything the media says...

I have no problem with any PEACEFUL country, not looking to take over the world, blow up something or someone... like USA, IRAQ or similar. But its never the actual people i dislike, but the politics, governemnts and corporate bodies. I thought governments were supposed to listen to their people, while this isnt true at all most of the time...

but back to ya mexicans, maybe you could tell me, and us here a little about yourself and your country, straight from the source... be a voice and tell Duffman (myself), and TRF (TombRaiderForums) about you and your people, cause we're listening... (or i am anyway)

whats a typicle day like? - what do you guys/galls eat for breakfast/lunch and dinner? - things like that, and anything else you thiunk of mate...

im certaintly listening and am now intreged about your lifestyle... no-one here is going to judge you, laugh or tease you, we are freinds here, right guys...

12-02-03, 17:22
Duffman-I'm DEAD against teasing in a nasty way and the people who let it carry on. I'm no angel but I'm certainly no bully. I'm even considering writing back to my old high school to tell a teacher why his attitude sucks. I told him that there was psychological bullying and I told him that I wouldn't want to make his institution proud by going to uni straight after due to my bad experiences (which weren't all that terrible compared to some of the stuff I've seen and heard).

He laughed and although mostly not due to my own experiences but of things I've heard or seen around me, I was totally disgusted! Go and look into the eyes of a nervous wreck and see if your humour persists, sir! Look at a broken person and laugh-I dare you mr. "I'm a head!" I'm not sending hate mail and I did tell him in a limited way to his face of my views. He DID tell me to stay in touch! ;)I didn't go to uni straight away after high school mainly due to not having enough A-levels but I have the added smugness of knowing that HE didn't get what he wanted. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I could argue about this forever and with my very strong beliefs but let's cut to the chase...

Mexico...I associate it to ruins and ziggurats. There is a beautiful dog from there called a xoloitscuintle (show-low-its-queen-tlee) also called a xolo for short and if I'm not mistaken, it was once eaten by Aztecs. It has no hair rather like a sphynx cat. There were also a lot of UFO sightings in Mexico sometime in the 1990's. Also of tortilla and the stereotype about the big hats. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Sorry for my ignorance.

Duffman-You also make a valid point about governments not listening. As someone once said, we don't stop hatred by killing eachother's children. Duffman, I LOVE your attitudes! :D

12-02-03, 23:19
WELL done Duff!!
........Duffman for president of the world!!!.....

I love Mexico. I've been looking at houses in Merida(online). I want to live there. I grew up in so. California and have spent time in Mexico. Simply love the people, most are very kind and helpful, and love a good party. The lifestyle is the best ( how can you not like siesta??). The food is fantastic, all that fresh tropical fruit and the wonderful seasonings. The beaches, mountains and desserts- you have it all!.
Mexico City has too many people but then so does L.A. and Vancouver here in Canada.

12-02-03, 23:51
...thanx http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif ...

well, mexico is on my list of international travel destinations... - it sounds and looks like a great place to visit...

if movies where to go by tho, it is full of criminals ;) ... im sure this is limited tho,

j,... write back soon

13-02-03, 00:32
I love Mexico! Never been there, but I really want to go. A lot of people at my church have been on mission trips to Mexicali, and they all loved it. And I'm learning Spanish too, it's really fun. Also, Mexican food is some of my favorite! One time, we had a tamale making party (it was really fun, and really messy), and we had some Mexican sodas; they are SOOO good! Ok, I'm starting to want one now.... but anyway, I realy hope to visit Mexico soon.

13-02-03, 01:16
ummmmmmm.... Duffman, could you please translate the last part into english por favor?

13-02-03, 04:01
sorry annacia, i was rushing that post, but topic starter jaroro hasnt replied yet...

looking forward to hearing about Mexico mate...

13-02-03, 07:13
One things for sure...your food is YUMMMMMY !!!!!!!!!!!

13-02-03, 23:35
Whats up, first of all thanks for writing I thought Mexico wasnt that great for you. Well you see Im 15, to young maybe, I have been to USA for 4 years and its great. But here in Mexico we think that you guys that are not from here, think of us, as a person with its donkey, its big hat, there little house, and there bottle of tequila in there hand, thats what we think you guys think. And well Mexico is a great place for tourists because we treat very well, but the government, the politics, the society is very awful, thats what we all mexicans are ashamed of, what we are proud of is of our history (Aztecs), because its a great one. But we know and think that our government is a lie, because they dont want to teach us the real history of Mexico, they want us to think that all the people were brave, everything in Mexico was good, everything positive, but at our time we know that cant be right, so we kind of know the truth, and its an awful truth so thats why we are disapointed in our people. And we are also ashamed of ourselves because we dont take care of what we have, the things that make Mexico great, we dont take care of those things. So.. maybe for you guys it could be great as tourists, but really the people of Mexico dont care about there country because the government also doesnt care or about there people they just care about themselves. Thats why mexicans go to USA a lot, searching for a better life.
We also copy the americans in lots of thing. Well Duffman http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif , our typical day is well normal, we eat breakfast, go to school have a great evening, you know normal.
And I noticed a lot of you enjoy the food, well my personal opinion the food is great in Mexico, what I like most of Mexico is there hot sauces, and everything that has to do with tortillas, so the food is great.
And what keeps Mexico together is our great religion, our faith. Its the most important thing in Mexico, so..I think thats all I can think of.. if anyone wants to know about Mexico, well here I am.. and Duffman didnt catch that frase "if movies where to go by tho, it is full of criminals ... im sure this is limited tho,"

Well, thanks for writing

14-02-03, 04:32
Hi Jaroro
It very sad to read what you feel about your country. As far as the corruption goes, Mexico does not have a corner on it. Corruption in the government is a fact in every country in the world to one degree or another, U.S.A. and Canada are no exception. If we could get rid of the power mongers, the despots, those who need to have power over others for there own egos, how much better off we would be.
I've known many Mexicans and without exception they have been really good people. The average person wants the same things: to educate their childern, to put enough good quality food on the table every day, to clothe their family and live without fear. That is the same no matter which country they live in.
I do not look down on the Mexican people in any way. Please pick up your heart and be proud of your beautiful country and it's wonderful people if not it's government.

14-02-03, 05:52
Jaroro, corruption is part of the political business. It happens even in the most democratic countries. As long as your government doesn't turn repressive against its people, you shouldn't feel ashamed.

Guess what, it's a tough job being an Earthling nowadays. Especially a French anti-war one... :confused:

14-02-03, 11:11
well put Annacia...

What i meant by the criminals thing is that all criminals in movies (under circumstances) are always wanting to get to mexico to escape... but in reality im sure this is not entirely true... didnt mean any harm by it...

As with Annacia, its the people that should be looking towards the future for themselves... the government holds things together, but its the people that ARE the country/community, not the government. Its hard i know to try and agree with decisions and the government, but i look to the future of my country and work with people to make the future, allowing the goverment to do its work, while we do ours... ;) its a little confusing, and im not saying that im a person using all my time for this, but you cant beat this sort of thing and should just try your hardest to have a good life... if you want one, you can get one...

pick your self up mate, and think positive, eat merrily and sleep sound...

-supportingly yours, Duffman-