View Full Version : New details on XBOX II

tlr online
12-02-03, 13:12
According to Billie Gates: "Xbox Next" will be a much more broadly-focused multimedia device than the current console. Among the features touted for the system are "digital media capabilities such as video and photo editing" and "Internet capabilities without the need for direct connections through Wi-Fi."

This all makes the Xbox 2 sound very like, well, a PC - indeed, if the system combines Internet, video and photo-editing functionality with a games console, it may become an attractive alternative to PC ownership for a lot of families. However, there's also a danger that this new multimedia focus will dilute the company's games offering; much of the success of Xbox to date has been attributed to its relentless focus on gaming, which has won the hearts of the key hardcore market.

It's also possible that some of this functionality will make it into the Xbox before a new console launch comes around, with several sources telling gi recently that Microsoft is considering major upgrades to the Xbox Dashboard in the near future, including a possible integration of Internet Explorer and Windows Media into the console.