View Full Version : Silent Hill 3 movies (Annacia & Duffman)

13-02-03, 15:21
Hi Annacia & Duffman and to whoever loves the Silent Hill series.

I found some SH3 movies for you, this is a Resident Evil site, so click on the link in this post, and go to the bottom of the page. Hope you like them. Click here (http://www2.resident-evil-allstars.com/videos.html). :D

BTW, you will need QuickTime for these movies. ;)

13-02-03, 19:53
Thank you for remembering that chat Colin. Looks like I may have to add a new title to my "must aquire" list.

13-02-03, 21:28
Does anybody know the release date for Silent Hill 3?

I absolutely LOVED the first two

13-02-03, 23:08
kool... its on my "to get" list...

fanatsic fmv... i just hope that there is at least SOME gameplay where you do something, not just sit there and watch movies...

good spot colin...

13-02-03, 23:57
Hey, do you know if AOD is gonna have a scary feeling? like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, because well they said it was gonna have it, but in nnone of the pics, show the "scary touch" so what do you think?? I wish it does have a scary feeling at the time we play it.

14-02-03, 03:38
;) Core always gives you something on the spooky side in tr. Not down and out horor, but spooky to jump out of your shoes.