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tlr online
15-02-03, 00:13
The web site of Derbyshire based Tomb Raider creators Core Design Ltd has received a well-earned makeover. Head on over to www.core-design.com (http://www.core-design.com) for the latest news and upcoming events from the Lara Croft team and search through the complete softography of games developed to date.

Founded by Jeremy Heath-Smith in 1988, Core Design has created over fifty successful titles and is established as a leading games developer for the software industry. The company is best known for designing one of the most consistent best-selling series of all time: Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft. Combined sales for the five Tomb Raider titles now total more than twenty-five million units worldwide.

15-02-03, 01:55
Flash website, no surprises there!!!

tlr online
15-02-03, 04:25
Indeed. The "softography" is a nice idea tho, and a pretty unique concept. Anyone remember the early games? On another note, I've just watched a trailer for Galleon (remember Toby Gard?! ("My hand slipped, honest Gov!!")) and the PR is really using the "from the creator of Lara Croft" as selling-point leverage.

15-02-03, 20:21
>New range of moves including hand-to-hand >combat, stealth mode, 'last-chance' grab and >free-form climb.

This short piece was copied from the site TLR.
How do u think they've implemented the 'last chance' grab??? Is this something for a slightly mis-judged jump and grab I presume??

Can't wait to see what they've done all the same... Here's lookin forward to it's realease.