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15-02-03, 11:01
Duffman would like to know what the tombraidians first ever video games played where...

the first console i had was a sega master system 1... and the first game on that wonder boy. It had 3 built in games: some motorbike game, a maze game and a word search game... but i played wonderboy, enduro racer (luved it so much), california games, secret commando... lots of games like that. I had played some computer games like space invaders and galagia b4 that, but the first actual game i had to play was wonderboy (i think)?...

with computer games, the first few games included prince of persia, rick dangerous, um... pole position... these games rocked and i hope to find old games like rick dangerous somewhere oneday as gameplay was the biggest influence on the development of the games made in the 80's...

do people still like these games like Duffman? - or am i just a classic bum :confused: ... im sure the ages differ here, but its still interesting...

15-02-03, 11:46
Hard to recall, but it may be that my first video game was the arcade hit Bombjack. And no, I was not old enough back then to be able to waste my own coins ;)

For a long time, I could only play at friends' house since any computer/console was way too expensive for me or my mother. I used to play at various systems like ZX 81, Atari 800 XL, ColecoVision, Famicom, C64, CPC, Atari ST... until I was finally able to get myself a Spectrum +2 in 1988. How many wonderful hours of gameplay I spent on this little sucker, I can't recount. (Head over Heels, anyone?)

In 1990, a new system changed my life and forced me to discover the Japanese language and culture: the PC Engine from NEC. The most terrific video game machine ever. First system on the planet to have a CD-ROM embedded. I'm still deeply involved with it, especially in the emulation realm :D

In the meantime, I discovered the Amiga 1200 in 1992 and that became another love story. She still stands near my desk, side by side with my PC. Great machine, great OS, cool games... and my very first contact with 3D gameplay!

That leads us to 1996, when I finally gave up to the PSX after having furiously played at Formula One and WipeOut at another friend's house... And the real blow came of course in Summer 1996, when playing at a short early demo of a completely unknown game called Tomb Raider, developed by Core Design of Amiga fame :D

The video games also have their History!

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15-02-03, 12:19
we cannot discard these games... without them, there wouldnt be todays wonderful games...

i too couldnt afford the older systems, like atari and those consoles, and even the first few computer games i played like monster bash and things like that were on my best mates computer... a 286... ;) ... until i got a 486 dx 66 in about 94 or so...

emulation rox... i wonder if its legal?, or ripping off those companies, most of which have been finished for a while. I have a nes, sega, snes and atari emulators that i play... (hard on this XP system tho, they dont like it much)... also have mame... mame has games o it which i played as a very young man... gunsmoke (great gameplay)... punch-out, pitfall, sega ninja (i played that game for days at a time on my sega)... many more...

another game, that i played and was probably one of the best games eva was wacky wheels... 3D?... well, in a way...

Video Game History... Less We Forget...

Its great to remeniss (sp)... even if its getting hard to remember... :D "Come on brain, you can do it!" - LOL

15-02-03, 14:09
Bombjack, ahh the memories! ;)

However, i think the first game i ever played was 'Elite' on the BBC b! Now there was a game and a half..... ;)

15-02-03, 17:34
My first ever was Tomb Raider on psx ( it was suggested by the psx salesman) I had never helt a controller and was killed 3 or 4 times by the little bats at the very start of the game because I couldn't figure out how to draw the guns.
Now that's green!

15-02-03, 17:39
And I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to find out how to pull that first lever to open the first door. It's just too http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif ing.

16-02-03, 00:15
I can't exactly remember what my first game was... Probably Dangerous Dave or Wolfenstein 3D (which I've just started to play again) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


17-02-03, 18:22
My first computer game was a shareware program for my old Atari called "Same".
You had to arrange cubes in changing landscapes at every level so that those with the same symbol came together and disappeared. It was more interesting and humorous than it sounds.
There were "lift" and "beam" - functions, you had to evade traps and plan strategies.

Later I played "Breakout" to level 163. Anyone ever got to know that one? It's a classic.
Amazing what can be done with 2 megabytes.

Later I played "Hugo's House of Horrors" on my Commodore with MSDos on it.
You had to do and find all kinds of things in a house and cavern landscape - I suppose you've played stuff like this. Here commands and answers had to be typed literally into the keyboard.

There was a quiz: "What's the only mammal that can fly that can't fly?
Answer: Man."

Come to think of it, TR 1 is the third game I really enjoy.
I play it on my new ;) computer, a Siemens-Nixdorf with Windows 3.11 on it.

Have fun, folks!

17-02-03, 23:30
i played breakout for hours... i remeber getting to level 100 and it was like i had won a gold medal in the olympics, i was so excited... i think i got to about 120 or 130, but it was so long ago. That was a game that defined my currently fantastic hand-eye co-ordination skills...

i was shocked when i started collecting roms for the old nintendo and found super mario mario brothers 1 is 40kb... also, excite bike is 40kb and a few other classic games... GAMEPLAY RULES!!! - graphics is for saps... okay, sometimes its nice, but i play those games still today for the amazing gameplay and not for the graphics (obviously)...

oh yeah, another game, one of the first, i played was SKATE OR DIE!!! - that game rox, and was prequel to SKI OR DIE a little later, also good. Excite bike was one of my first nes games, along with zelda... remember zelda?... fantastic game.

Great to here the different eras here, keep the posts coming... i grew up in the eithies (*snicker*) and so saw the introduction of most game consoles, but was lucky enough to see the consoles like atari boom greatly...

Does anyone remember that game on atari where you had to go left-to-right, screen by screen and each screen would have something like ropes, crocodiles or fire to jump over (using timing)? - im trying hard to find that because it was one of my first and i want to reminise (sp)... - but i cant remember the name...

18-02-03, 09:01
Come to think of it I think my first game was called Blue Print or something on the Commodore 64. I remember you had to run into these houses to collect the parts for a machine, it was similar to Pac Man. Oh those were the days :D


18-02-03, 09:08
My first computer was Commodore 128D (with 5.25" inch disk, 2x160KB), green monochrome monitor, external keyboard and joystick. ;)

I really can not remember which one is the first geme i ever played, but here are some candidates: Arkanoid, Eagle's Nest and Aztec Challenge http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

18-02-03, 09:25
The first game I ever played was TR5 for PSX. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

18-02-03, 11:33
I played something called "Burger Time" in the early eighties. I can't remember what format it was on.

18-02-03, 23:27
i remember burger time.... but i played it on an arcade machine... very funny game...

18-02-03, 23:41
how bout u tlr... what was your first video game played? :confused: ... :D :D :D

19-02-03, 05:49
Distant memories,,, my first game funnily enough was made by Core Design to my surprise, it was 'Rick Dangerous', I had a really dodgy Computer called an Amstrad CPC464 with a green monitor display...lol, *Quick run* I'm gettin outta here before someone linches me.... :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

There was a game called 'Dizzy' though, this was amazing, One of the addictive ones and many versions were released, wish they'd bring it back for the PS2. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

I could list a good 50 - 60 titles I can remember playing, but most of them were really really bad, I mean,, really bad!!!

There was one game which took me about 6 hours to complete, and at the end it said "well done, have a hero biscuit", lmao...
Can you believe they did that! Can you imagine completing an up-to-date game now to get that at the end.... :D :D :D lol

19-02-03, 06:51
thats an area of gameplay they have improved on... endings... i remember another game, and it said something similar... like "Well done, you win".. then it returns to the main menu... i also lmao...

rick dangerous was great... i dont remember dizzy tho, but all those addictive games were great...

19-02-03, 07:13
You lucky guys...!

That's what we got when completing Target Renegade: "Congratulations!" :D :D :D

PS: Dizzy Island, now that was a platform game. Those were the times...

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19-02-03, 09:12
How old are you people? I never heard of these games before but it's probably because I'm only 17. :D

19-02-03, 09:38
I'll make everyone feel young... The first video game I ever played: PONG. Met the guy that made it, through my father. My father was a computer geek before it was cool. I was about 7 years old at the time. The guy thought it was so funny that I was mezmerized by the game; and said he had "slapped the game together in his spare time". He handed my father a disk (they were bigger then!). I actually got to play the game for almost a year before it came out. Of course, our disk drive at home had five drives, and was just under four feet long then too.... I also remember having to load programs from tapes. Yes tapes, just like an audio tape... Now THAT was awful. I also had a game called "Time Machine" it contained ten disks, and my father paid over a hundred dollars for it at the time. That was my first adventure game. It was similar to the "myst" series we see now. How's THAT for OLD? :eek:

19-02-03, 10:11
2 old 2 game I understand where you are coming from. I cant recall ever seeing a computer back in my day. But, I remember the first game console I ever played was Atari at my uncle's house the game "space invaders" i believe it was. No color screen no graphics no nothing. Then of course came the arcade games in the game rooms. But if I am to stick to game consoles and computer the Atari is my first then in 2000 I believe I bought my children Sega Dreamcast and the first game I played and loveed on that was TRLR. Bought the game for my computer and then bought 1-3 and Chronicles after that. And as they say the rest is history. I myself like playing on the computer better than the game console I find it easier. My family would like a PS2 or XBox but mom enjoys playing on the computer so there is no need to buy a new one :D (hahaha)

oops almost forgot in 1987 or 88 I did play Mario Brothers on the Nintendo game console, the original Mario Brothers

Gee am I showing my age :D

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19-02-03, 10:45
Originally posted by Kaminari:
PS: Dizzy Island, now that was a platform game. Those were the times...I agree with you, Kaminari. My favourite game of Dizzy series was "Dizzy - The Prince of Yolk Folk" ;)

My best games on C64: Lemmings, Creatures, Sim City, Defender of the Crown, and Pirates!, of course http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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19-02-03, 10:57
Dizzy!!! Ah, I used to love those games!!

I had a great passion for Lemmings too! I used to sit for hours trying to work out a strategy for some of the levels. I keep meaning to try and shop around for the PS1 re-make of both 'Lemmings' and 'Oh no more lemmings' in the same box. I keep forgetting though.

19-02-03, 11:29
For all Commodore 64 fans, here are some links:

+ www.ccs64.com (http://www.ccs64.com/) - the best C64 emulator for PC (DirectX version)
+ www.c64.com (http://www.c64.com/) - game download archive (3140 games available)
+ SidPlay (http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d93-alo/c64/spw/) - Utility that plays C64 sound (SID) files on PC (SID chip emulator)
+ HSVC (http://www.hvsc.c64.org) - High Voltage SID Collection (C64 SID files download page)

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19-02-03, 14:57
wow, nice to see that some people remember Dizzy.
Treasure Island, and Magic Land Dizzy were my Fave's, and you didn't have cheat codes then either so it meant hours of dedication.

It had much in common with Tomb Raider, Alot of decisions had to be made and you had to find parts of objects which in some cases had to be combined to achieve a certain puzzle. This must be one of the recipies for a good game,,, maybe...

Ahh the joys of bouncing an egg with arms around platforms... :D :D :D

19-02-03, 23:48
gee, Duffman must be getting on remembering some of these games... even tho im only 19... ;)

i too spent many, many hours on lemmings... and it was like falling off a cliff in TR when a lemming fell down and you didnt click/press fast enough to put an umbrella on him... oh no!!

remember it was either myst 1, or zork 1... one of them was text based... it was funny and you had to enter the commands in... but the gameplay was good, first non-graphic based game, but still okay to play, only i remember spellin da stupid commands wrong all the time and it saying "I dont understand your request" - and you couldnt write swear words... lol!!

does anyone remember kings quest?... funny as hell!!... i played that at a mates place... they must have made a bit from that because it got to about kings quest 7 i think...

20-02-03, 00:13
How old are you people? I never heard of these games before but it's probably because I'm only 17. :D Colin, I'm only 29 :D ;)

20-02-03, 08:33
I have to admit that my first video game ever played was PONG...Then after that it was Tank command or something like that...Never had an Atari..But I was able to play some OLD space invader's & pac man on my friends Atari..We did get a video game system that was called Odessy..It never really took off big...Then had the spectrum...Got so good @ the dungeon's & dragon's that I kept avoiding the white dragon just to see how far I can get..I think I had the location's to all the ladders for the first 50 level's memorized..After that was the first Sega system & the rest is history..

20-02-03, 08:57
Colin, dont worry about that I am 31 and I havent heard of some of the games mentioned. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif But then again, back then I wasnt into gaming, and I cant say that I am much of a gamer now being that I only play Tomb Raider. No other game has ever captured my interest in this day and age. But if I had the chance to play the games from old I would still love to play pacman, galaga, astoriods, etc. :D

Love & Aloha

20-02-03, 09:29
i played galaga the other day... as i did years ago on the table top machines... remember those in milk bars and such? - i used to luv them and am looking into getting some of them as galagia and similar were great on those machines...

top selection guys and girls... its good to here about the history of games... i thank them for pathing the way for great games like TR... of course if there wasnt games like rick dangerous, even duke nukem, mario brothers and all the other we wouldnt have the technology advances people made to get where we are today...

good to see a range of ages... you may not have heard of some of these games (and niether have i), but its good to here the history of something a majoriity of us here are in touch with...

maybe you didnt see last time tlr, but what was the first game(s) you played... im interested to hear :D :D :D ....

-Duffman salutes old games, respectively and thankfully-

20-02-03, 09:35
Can someone explain what Dizzy was & about???
Was this a game mainly in the UK???
The name sounds familar...

20-02-03, 11:05
Dizzy was like a little egg with arms and feet. He was hard to control, but that was part of the skill. The puzzles in the game were top notch, and not too disimilar in style to some of the later TR games. I don't think he's appeared in a game though since his debut on the Mega Drive back in about 1994.

25-02-03, 01:21
With my 29 years of excistence and being the youngest of 6 kids I must say that I'm an old school gamer.

The first game I played was Pong on the Atari when I was 4 years old. Next in line were those proto-Game-Boy Nintendo handheld games (Soccer, Donkey Kong 1 & 2, Pinball, Cat & Mouse) and videogames from Videopac (Philips). Anyone familiar with that system??
I also had the Nintendo Table Top Donkey Kong which was amazing!

Then I got a Commodore 64, played games like Wonderboy, Aztec Challenge, Giana Sisters, Boulderdash and One On One endlessly.

After that I got into a 'no computer' fase 'till someone said that you could copy cd's with a pc.
The rest is history...

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25-02-03, 05:11
Hey Duff, I have an old coctail table console Ms. Pacman (the kind that were in bars). It's not working now and I can't afford to get it fixed. I've gotten it fixed before and it's verrrrrrrry expensive. Also be aware that when some one comes to your house all they want to do is play the game. They'r cool and fun when they work though.

25-02-03, 08:50
kool annacia... i havent even seen one for years (unfortunately)...

i would like galagia or even classic pong... two players was great and the hurt back from leaning over/looking down was definately worth it!! ;)

if on ly i lived in canada... :D

26-02-03, 05:03
The very first game I ever played was that TV tennis thing you used to be able to get. Anyone remember it? The first PC game I played was Quake, followed by Duke Nukem 3D. Trouble with those games, you're just walking around shoooting things, and after going through them twice, they become so boring!!! Give me TR any day! At least you need to use your brain a bit to get through the puzzles!

26-02-03, 08:59
Originally posted by Colin125:
How old are you people? I never heard of these games before but it's probably because I'm only 17. :D I'm only 14, I've heard of some of these games :D


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27-02-03, 12:43
Thanks you lot!! You make me feel really young, because I've never heard of most of these games! :D
My first game/console was the sega master system. I had the built in game, Alex Kidd, which rocked!!! Paper, scissors, stone anyone?!! And Sonic the Hedgehog. I used to play it and complete it every day. My mum used to play it too. I think she beat my best score once. But she's terrfied of my PS2 for some reason. Old folk, eh??!! :D

27-02-03, 17:28
Deer Slayer, you too can make the trip down the memory lane by having a look here (http://ysrnry.co.uk/articles/dizzysexcellentadventures.htm) :cool:

Raider Ranger
27-02-03, 19:26
I remember Dizzy, it took me ages to get to the top of the wall to rescue his girlfriend. Those were the days!! Actually, not so long ago. :D :D

Raider Ranger
27-02-03, 19:40
I also remember the tv tennis game, and a game with tanks that went around a course and you had to shoot the other tank but I can,t remember what it was called. I think it was on the Atari. :confused: