View Full Version : Monk or not to Monk...

tlr online
15-02-03, 15:07
Greetings. How many of you shot the monks without realising that leaving them alone would result in them ignoring Lara?

the croft woman!
15-02-03, 16:12
The first time I ever played tomb raider2 I shot everything that moved http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Including the monks ;)

15-02-03, 17:11
I lucked out. I approached with gun drawn, ready to fire at the first one to try an attack on Lara. Imagine my suprise when they just looked at her! I LOVE Barkhang. It's my favorite level of all time :D .

16-02-03, 00:30
The first time i encountered them, (after watching their fight with Bartoli's men just around the corner from the level start) i tried not to shoot them, and just let them take care of the bad guys wherever possible.
Unfortunately, towards the middle of the level i accidentally shot one while trying to help out! Made the rest of the level trickier!

Even when replaying it now, i still leave them alone - far more fun to lurk round the corner and watch the battles ;) , and after all, they're on your side.


:D :D