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tlr online
16-02-03, 07:33
Quick note to let our members know our primary download manager will be online during off-peak hours. This includes all content available via our online theatre.

16-02-03, 14:51
That's good to know. I have two questions, though: first, would you mind telling us what the off-peak hours actually are? The old 'no download' message used to say so, but the new one does not.

Second: the movies seemed to be stored here in the forums section of the site. Considering it is almost impossible to get access to the threads here, do you really think adding downloads is a really good idea? I just hope you guys don't change the location of the movies as much as you used to, because it makes using download managers difficult if not impossible, and as for accessing these forums -- this is the first time in a week at least that I have been able to do so twice in one internet session, and I was barely able to at that.


tlr online
16-02-03, 15:58
Ras. Thanks for your comments. Off-peak falls between 02:00 and 10:00 GMT. During this time, there is enough bandwidth latency across our network to handle additional content serving. Regarding your access problems, I can only apologies and ask for your support for a while longer. We are moving the forum onto a dedicated server in London's Telehouse Exchange where performance will be lightening fast. Thanks again.

16-02-03, 17:09
tlr online, is that 2am to 10am in the morning? that is not a lot of time to download levels what are 20mb, besides I get up a 7:30. :confused:

tlr online
16-02-03, 17:15
Colin. Yes. AM. Greenwich Mean Time. (i.e. London time) - and it's better than nothing ;)

16-02-03, 20:09
tlr online, it is better then nothing, sorry if I sounded ungrateful. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

tlr online
16-02-03, 20:11
Colin. No worries. I understand how frustrating it is when connecting via a normal modem. Hopefully in the very near future we'll be able to offer all our content 24/7.

17-02-03, 08:22
tlr online, I tried to download a level today (08:10am) and I got a message saying, We have been notified of a technical fault on our U.S. based file server and are unable to service your request at this time. We are working to resolve this ASAP. Please try later. :confused:

18-02-03, 09:31
tlr online, where are you?

18-02-03, 21:11
tlr online, are you there? :confused:

tlr online
18-02-03, 21:43
Hi. This is a recording. I'm afraid I've left the office for the day. Please leave a message after this post and I'll get right to you on my return.

19-02-03, 08:25
Hi tlr online

I can't download the levels, I get a message saying about the server and it's within the times you said. :confused:

tlr online
19-02-03, 18:19
Hi Colin. OK. All the content is back on our primary server because of a technical fault (UNIX fault) on our U.S. file server. Only 100 queues are available at any one time. If you get a "no available queues" message, this means that currently there are 100 ppl downloading content from the site. You should try again later. If you continue to receive the same message, I'll email said content to you. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

19-02-03, 20:04
Originally posted by tlr online:
Hi. This is a recording. I'm afraid I've left the office for the day. Please leave a message after this post and I'll get right to you on my return.lol,,, anyway, Does this mean I can download them Tomb Raider 3 soundtracks within those times TLR??? They would come in handy atm... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

tlr online
19-02-03, 20:35
Sure. Download away, if you don't get an available queue, then email me and I'll email them to you.

19-02-03, 21:17
Thanks tlr online, I totally understand now. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif