View Full Version : Yahoo! Inc! now! serving! ads! over! content!

tlr online
17-02-03, 00:11
Has anyone noticed how saturated internet giant Yahoo! has become with advertising, pop-up ads for branded web cams and subscription content? You can hardly click a news link anymore without being prompted for a $2.95 debit. Thanks goodness for www.google.com (http://www.google.com)

17-02-03, 00:59
i havent been to yahoo for AGES... that was the first search engine i ever used, back when i used a 9kbps modem - LOL!!... i thought altavista was better, but ended up using yahoo for some reason or another...

google is great tho, but they do use the same search engine... i even have the googlebar for IE... its great and i dont even have to go to google anymore, just enter my search anywhere... it has other kool features too...

i wonder how long places like google will stay ad free tho? - my guess is not forever...

tlr online
17-02-03, 01:02
For a brief time, Yahoo! did use Google's technology, Google sporting a far superior engine than Yahoo! I use the Google Toolbar also, it's invaluable.

17-02-03, 03:01
Is there anything like My Google where I can personalize it to include news, photos, comics, tv schedule, etc....?

Does google give 30 Mb of space to people for phtos that you can share with family and friends??????? :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

and... isn't there a link to TRC in the YAHOO movie section???