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17-02-03, 02:09
Jeremy Heath-Smith has been awarded a Conferment of Honorary Doctor of Business Administration in recognition of his highly successful contribution to the computer games industry and his international profile. Presented by Professor Mary Carswell of Derby University.

Jeremy Heath-Smith is the driving force behind one of the most successful development companies in the games industry's history. His vision, dynamism and passion for games have positioned his company Core Design at the forefront of international games developments and his leadership has been remarkable, not only because of the scale of Core Design's achievements, but also because the company has consistently held its position in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Launched in 1996, Tomb Raider was a global phenomenon and its heroine Lara Croft became a 90s 'ube chick' and a cultural icon. To date in excess of 25 million units of Tomb Raider have been sold worldwide. Lara has appeared on the front covers of Newsweek, The Face, Rolling Stone and Time Magazine; she has been on stage with pop bands U2 and Die Artze; she has featured in TV advertisements and in comics. The British Design Council awarded millennium Project Status to the original Tomb Raider and its first sequel, and Lord Sainsbury, when he was Minister for Science, also cited the games as .ambassadors for British scientific excellence.

Perhaps the universal impact and appeal of the Tomb Raider concept is most emphatically demonstrated through Lara's transition from cyberspace 'babe' to big screen goddess. Tomb Raider the movie was a 2001 box office triumph - quite exceptional for a - game to screen - adaptation.

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17-02-03, 03:08
i luv the way you write tlr...

like we dont know the history, success or impact of TR... im not saying stop, but its just kool they way you write your "first post" kinda stuff... :cool: :D :cool:

you forgot to mention one things tho... the web presence... like this place... and the thousand other sites around da world wide web... :cool:

keep up the good work tlr... :D :D :D