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tlr online
18-02-03, 00:01
tombraiderchronicles.com announces the launch of a new content portal aimed at delivering the latest news headlines and media to members of tombraiderforums.com, our community based resource for quick and handy tips and advice for all the Tomb Raider video-games.

tombraiderforums.com is moderated around the clock and will provide you with answers to your game play questions along with a social platform to chat with 5000+ like-minded Tomb Raider fans from across the globe. New channels include an extensive news service and exclusive Tomb Raider related media.

Access the new portal HERE (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/channel/index.html)

18-02-03, 09:42
Your still gonna give us the low down arent you tlr, with your posts frequently?...

i luv getting up and getting into your well delivered posts in the morning...

tlr online
18-02-03, 15:49
Of course http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

18-02-03, 16:27
Please don't tell me you'r closing this site. I like it much better.

tlr online
18-02-03, 16:30
Annacia. No, not at all. This is simply for our members so they can use the forum and also read news at the same time. tombraiderforums.com and tombraiderchronicles.com are to be independently run, meaning we can focus more on issues like content and performance.

18-02-03, 19:23
tlr are you going to be in charge of both TRC and TRforums or just one?

Also, is the news channel going to have just recent news or archived news also? I could only find 4 articles for the cradle of life.

tlr online
18-02-03, 19:41
All 2,000 articles will be ported into the new format and run alongside the main site.