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tlr online
18-02-03, 20:01
So. What video-games are you all playing atm? Splinter Cell (best selling video-game on the XBOX) will debut for PC very soon, for those interested. I'll lead the charge with Unreal Tournament 2003 and Sum Of All Fears (co-op mode)

18-02-03, 20:51
To be honest I've abused my PS2 for a few months because of u know what TLR. But I have been playing Colin Mcrae 3 every now and then, Savin up for TR:aod though :D , that's next on my list!

18-02-03, 22:14
Yeah me too, iv mostly been watching DVD's on my PS2 rather than playing games.But i have 3 games im buying over the next few months that im really looking forward to....one is JAMES CAMERON'S DARK ANGEL, the other is a very cool game called PRIMAL and last but NOT least is ANGEL OF DARKNESS........yaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!

18-02-03, 22:31
I just finished DMC2 and I'm trying to finish Resident Evil and The Getaway. The next game I'm getting is either The Lost or TR: AOD. Whichever comes out first. This delay thing keeps messing up my game schedule. Seriously, I think the whole team of Core people are sitting in a circle in that little townhouse they work in and are eating donuts.

19-02-03, 00:08
well ive been too busy to get into games lately, but been on the computer like 12+ hours per day... oh no!!... ive had little games every now and then to relax and forget about my worries... these include:

->Virtual Pool 3... i love pool (real and virtual), and aint half bad either...
->Grand Theft Auto 3... finished it, but started it agian...
->Age of Empires 2, both age of kings and the conquerers... online play of this game rox!... but versus the computer and teams is good too...
->Virtua Tennis... top game... simple yet fairly good gameplay...
->Colin Mcrae 2... never played colin mcrae games, got this one and found it pretty good... im a rev head so theres not one car game im not good at...
->unreal tournament... still cant beat that last dude!!... i never played UT until recently, and found it addictive yet annoying...
->unreal tournament mod called strike force... more realistic with real guns, its police/strike force versus terrorists... a little scary when you think of whats the world is going through...
->just the other day got half life... never played it, and last night did the hazard training thing to get a handle on it... the keys are stupid tho and ill be changing them soon, but it looked like a good game...

well back to the mills... ;)

tlr online
19-02-03, 00:10
Duffman. What consumes twelve hours on a PC each day? i.e. what are you working on? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

19-02-03, 00:18
I'm doing GTA3 at the moment. I've got Final Fantasy 4 penned in after that, but I might do TRLR again. I'll see how it goes.

I hope GTA3 gets good towards the end, Duffman.
I'm 53/73 on the missions so far.

19-02-03, 00:28
well tlr... my PC day includes:

->checking mail for jobs ive applied for...
->applying for numerous amounts of jobs... takes a while to filter thro and find stuff i can apply for...
->supporting people (friends, family and other) with PC problems, using msn messenger of email
->building websites... i have a few on the cards and more being presented/requested. Its fine i dont mind making them (i luv it actually), but when you have a few at once its hard to juggle em. The creative process is somewhat time consuming so it takes a while...
-BEING HERE!!!... im here for ages talking and posting...
-Games, occasionaly...

yes, GTA3 gets great towards the end, but hard... i thing that helped me heaps to finish it was to grab armour so im protected... its like your life x 2... todays top tip ;) ...

tlr online
19-02-03, 00:51
Are any of the web sites you've designed online atm?

19-02-03, 01:37
only an underconstruction page at here (http://www.sportsanalysis.com.au/)

the other jobs are being developed as we speak...

that site is 95% finished, only i have to speak with the company about some details i need regarding their company... but that should be up and running in less than 2 weeks.

The sites im currently building include:

-Digital Sports Analysis: the above site... only finished version ;)
-Jemseal Packaging... currently in development
-Secure Concepts... i have to register the domain name for that this week and start on developing the site...
-two others ive been informed about people wanting myself to build sites, but have limited information about.
-and of course my site ( here (http://users.bigpond.net.au/x-web) )... currently uner construction because of the other jobs... will be up asap... think ill do some now for a change of work... :D

its a tough job, but someones got to do it... ;)

i luv the creative side of the internet, past the ads and the adult material, the internet has some great inspiring sites that have been well thought out. i take my jobs seriously and with good fun involved. ive only had a few opportunities to build sites, but with each one i find a new challenge or something ive thought of to use as a menu, of heading or layout or something... its great...

but what i really want to get into is software development. ive completed my course now and was ranked number 1 in the year with an average score of about 95... im pretty happy, but it still seems that people want experienced people for jobs, but you cant get experience without a job, so go figure... ill persist and soon have a job... but this web stuff and the other PC related work i do will tie me over for a while...

19-02-03, 07:19
Syberia. A splendid old school adventure game.

20-02-03, 03:55
Scottlee, who are you working for now in GTA3?

20-02-03, 11:09
Hmmmm, I'm just at the point where that bird gets kidnapped and you're left with a ransom note for $500,000.

20-02-03, 11:20
Well, I am not playing any video games at the moment, but as many of you know I am getting a GameCube next week, I already have the Resident Evil remake so I'm very excited and can't wait to play the game. :D

20-02-03, 18:02
I'm doing my first go through of TR Chronicles right now...The TR games are actually my 2nd game of choice...I'm also playing Mechwarrior4..Which i've been a mechwarrior long before I was ever introduced to Laura Croft...

21-02-03, 03:36
Wow. All games I never played. I myself am currently re-addicted to the original Diablo. And by addicted I mean very, very addicted. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

25-02-03, 01:10
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Soldier Of Fortune Platinum Edition
Grand Theft Auto 3
Tomb Raider: Lost Artefact

27-02-03, 12:26
Super Mario Advance (GBA)
Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone (GBA)
Eggomania (GC)

01-03-03, 17:55
Originally posted by Kaminari:
Syberia. A splendid old school adventure game.I'm also playing Syberia at the moment. It's really excellent! It's received very little press and has been vastly under estimated. I'm also playing TR2 again at the same time. (Just coming to the part where Lara discovers the Yetis).

01-03-03, 22:08
Hello All!

Here are my favourite current games:

Devil May Cry (It Rocks - what more can I say?) - I might buy Devil May Cry 2 on March 28th.

Age Of Mythology - the best PC strategy game EVER!

The Sims - PS2 - It's a good game! The single player mode is challenging.

Crazy Taxi - PS2 - I like it a lot!

Minority Report PS2 - It's a fun game!

Anyway, a piece of good news to share with you all!!

Caroline Corr's baby is called:

Drum Roll!!!



I found out this week - isn't that nice?

Conor McLaughlin,
Derry, Northern Ireland.

:cool: :cool: :D :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :rolleyes:

03-03-03, 05:22
Well, Ive been playing Medal of Honour Allied Assault online for the last two weeks and absolutely love it. So, at the moment, thats my fave game. Ive also been playing (in order of fave):

6. Grand Theft Auto 3 (-) Waiting for Vice City PC version
5. Project Eden (-) Shame there are so many bugs and crashes in the game, lets hope Angel of Darkness doesnt have the same faults...
4. Age of Mythology (quite rightly the bgest strategy game of the moment, shame abou the population cap being so low) (-)
3. Sim City 4 (wow, so much more advanced than previous sim city games) (-)
2. Medieval: Total War (By far the most addictive game I have 10/10, if U havnt got this yet, Your missing out... nuff said)(2)
1. Medal of Honour: AA - Top Spot im afraid..... (1)

I miss the old C64 Games such as Flimboes Quest, Creatures 2, Chuck Rock, Rick Dangerous and Mayhem in Monster Land.

Right, Im going to get out more often, this is crazy.


03-03-03, 08:03
I'm playing James Bond 007: Nightfire for the second time, Myst III (although I haven't touched it for months) and Wolfenstein 3D (I haven't played that for years!) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif Can't wait for AOD to come out though!


Raider Ranger
03-03-03, 20:02
At the moment I'm trying out The Getaway on my daughters PS2, I haven't gotten very far though, in fact I can't get passed the guys in the warehouse. I keep getting killed. LOL. :D

03-03-03, 21:51
I'm playing far too many games at once now..

Champ man 01/02

04-03-03, 00:34
Currently working my way through TR3 again ;)