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20-02-03, 00:00
Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's largest video game publishers, has announced plans to release Kola Cell, a new level for the highly successful videogame Tom Clancy's Splinter CellTM to be available for download through Microsoft's Xbox Live online game service, when it launches in Europe.

Sam Fisher fans won't have to wait long! The new mission for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell will be available to download by Xbox Live subscribers on 14th March 2003 - the very day the service launches in Europe - at no additional cost.

"Ubi Soft would like to thank Tom Clancy Splinter Cell fans for their continued support and provide them a free downloadable mission that is just as exciting and intense as the original game," said Alain Corre, Managing Director of Ubi Soft Entertainment for Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. "We are psyched that Xbox Live allows us to bring our best content directly to our fans."

W"e're pleased that this great new Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell level is going to be available right from the launch of Xbox Live," said Michel Cassius, European Director of Xbox Platform. "This new content will extend the life of the game, adding more hours of playtime and more stealthy thrills and action. It's an excellent example of what Xbox Live gamers can expect going forward."

About the Mission
The new mission is a whole new experience linked to the original storyline featuring the same stunning graphics and challenging exercises from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell-one of the highest rated games for Xbox with an average rating of 94.4 (out of a possible 100) based on a sample of 54 reviews. In this new level, with his famous gadgets at hand, Sam can call upon his best moves-from the split jump to the stealthy roll-to achieve his four objectives. The new level promises to be action-packed to give a new challenge to the players who completed the game.

For further information about the game please go the official website at www.splintercell.com (http://www.splintercell.com)