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21-02-03, 00:03
Electronic Arts today announced that over one million romantic gestures - including kisses, hugs, dances, and marriage proposals - occurred in The Sims OnlineTM through out the Valentine's weekend. Sims also shelled out millions of hard-earned Simoleans for romantic items such as the new love tub, love seats, and wedding- related objects. Players from coast to coast embraced the Valentine's Day spirit with hugs and cuddles throughout the weekend.

"The Sims Online was the place to spark a romance and celebrate the Valentine's holiday," said Chris Trottier, Lead Game Designer of The Sims Online at EA's MaxisTM Studio. "Love continues to blossom in The Sims Online as friends create romantic hideaways and nurture relationships."

Players share their stories of love in The Sims Online.

Sim Chloe daBear* and Sim Simmy Sam* were real-life friends in high school. When they went away to separate colleges they needed a fun way to keep in touch. Sim Chloe is a long time player of The Sims, so she suggested The Sims Online to stay connected with Sim Simmy Sam. They are now roommates working together to remodel their online home and keep in touch with each other's lives. They celebrated Valentine's Day by inviting friends over for a housewarming party.

Sim Johnny* met Sim Terbyn* at her house when he first entered the world of The Sims Online. She was very helpful and they quickly became close friends. During their courtship they shared many romantic dinners by the fireside, danced the tango, and got invited to in-game parties as a couple. After seeing an in-game psychic to validate their relationship, Sim's Terbyn and Johnny learned that they were destined for each other. They were married on Valentine's Day.

*Sim character names have been changed to protect player's privacy.

21-02-03, 03:29
Umm... in game psychic? :confused:

What kinds of things happen in this game? :D

21-02-03, 08:38
im actually a bit of a sim fan... a bit, not half or a quarter as much as TR... but enjoyed some sim games...

i got into the sims about a year or so ago and enjoy it on the odd occasion... just the standalone one tho, i didnt know about the online version... interesting... not quite in my "to get" pile yet tho...

21-02-03, 13:37
I bought one of The Sims games a few months ago just to see what all of the hype was about. It's an ok game, but I couldn't get lost in it for hours like TR. The Sims Online just sounds like a big chat room with more capabilities. I might actually enjoy playing that one.

22-02-03, 00:30
I always wanted to get a sims game and I eventually did sometime before summer last year and I seriously spent all night working on a perfect sim house. After a month or so it got boring though. I really like the 2 player thingy on the PS2 version. I also want to get the sims online. Seems interesting.