View Full Version : McDonalds to carry Nintendo GameCube

tlr online
21-02-03, 00:17
Word reaches us that McDonalds are to sport Nintendo GameCube for customers of their fast food restaurant chain. "The GameCube campaign is being tested at 14 MacDonalds locations, with consoles on offer in the play areas of the franchises. The machines are free to play, with a limit on the amount of time each punter can spend on each one. If the scheme proves popular, it may be extended to other MacDonalds restaurants later this year. "

21-02-03, 03:21
I know the idea of playing video games at McDonald's sounds silly at first but its probably going to work out great for both companies.

Video games tend to pop up anywhere kids can be found. :D Now Nintendo can market their games even more. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

I wonder if its exculsive to Nintendo? Do I hear Sony knocking at the door??? :D

Croft Security
23-02-03, 07:44
LOL...oh man, all I have to say is, if the shoe fits... :D