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Croft Security
23-02-03, 07:40
...on Normal difficulty setting. I never thought I was going to make it through that game. I had to try the ending sequence about, oh, six times, but I finally did it. Then I restarted the game on Heroic difficulty, and I quickly learned the meaning of the words, "instant death." Let myself get flanked? Instant death. There are two cloaked Elites in this room? Instant death. The Covenant are now twice as willing to throw plasma grenades? Instant death. I am not a first-person-shooter fan...in fact, Halo is the only FPS I've ever played, but I declare to all the world that this is one amazing game. Even when I'm getting my butt totally kicked, I'm able to put my pride aside and see what an enormous achievement this game was. If 50 % of the games out there had the quality that was put into Halo, we'd all be very happy campers. Ok, that's my tribute to Halo. Everyone should try it, even if you don't play first person shooters, if for nothing else than to see how high a game's production standard can be. Master Chief out!

24-02-03, 04:14
Sorry C.S., I'm not goin there. Can't, don't, won't play f.p.s.'s. Tomb Raider has enough killing for me (more that enough!).

Croft Security
01-03-03, 20:14
I understand. FPS aren't for everyone. I was saying that Halo really is an amazing game and looks fantastic. Makes me almost wish AOD was coming out on the Xbox.

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