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23-02-03, 13:22
On the 26th of this month I am getting a GC to play the Resident Evil remake, I can't wait. :D Has anyone played this game? If you have can you tell me your views and ratings from 1 to 10. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Only 3 days to go

23-02-03, 14:56
Hi Colin...

This means that we are going to lose you again like Buffy?? :D :D LOL...

Ok... I have played the first three series only once and my rate is 7... What I didn't like:

1) The way that I opened the doors. I couldn't stand to see the doors as they open all the time...
2) The zombies. It's not that I don't like to see them in the game but I couldn't kill them easily. Not that I like the easy things but many times I thought "Where is my revolver??" :D
3) There was no auto aiming (sorry, TR habit :rolleyes: ) Or there was and we couldn't just find it?? (I doubt)
4) Saving... Nothing more to say, you know what I mean. Every time I found a typewriter I made a party. You can't imagine how many times I was killed (this could not be a reason as TR also had the save crystals but I'm a PC gamer and I don't know what save crystal means :D Maybe I know what power crystal means :cool: )

Note: Not that I didn't like RE. I found it easy to control... Ummm... what's his name?? :D It was similar to TR. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't play the three series. I could stop at the first one... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

*Edit: I really liked that I could choose the character and the difficylty of the game...

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23-02-03, 15:54
Yeah, RE1 for PSX was very hard without auto-aiming, I wasted a lot of ammo. As I said before I can't wait to play the remake, I'm so excited. I guess would feel the same way when AOD is RELEASED.

* Mail or PM me about this.

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23-02-03, 18:11
PM sent. :confused:

23-02-03, 19:52
About what you said ELEN, it's all there for a reason...
The doors open like that because it's loading the room, there are no levels to be loaded so they do it that way. It adds to the suspense.
Well...the zombies are the main enemies in the game. It's not that they're hard to kill, compared to the other things you have to fight, but it takes some time and ammo to bring them down.
Being ignorant person that I am, I didn't realize until after I played RE1 that it did not have auto-aim. :D I'm just stupid like that.
Yes, okay, the type writers were sometimes spread far apart and I would die and get mad that I had to start so far away, but it's a survival horror game. Also, atleast they always gave us enough ink ribbons to use.
Most people find it hard to control...Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire. :D
Colin, I finished the RE1 remake. It was a very good game. The graphics and the mansion are beautifully done. Also, its longer and harder then the original. It took me 1 hours to finish, but maybe thats just because I'm Resident Evil retarded.
They have new puzzles, some new parts to the house including a cemetery, and some lovely zombies called crimson heads. I don't know what you know but not to give anything away lets just say always carry around some kerosene and a lighter. ;)
I'd rate it a 10. Maybe because RE1 was my favorite RE game, and it was great being able to play it again.

24-02-03, 08:32
I know about the crimson heads, there like a human (zombie) hunters with the claws and speed. I'm also wondering what is Lisa like, but the most thing I looking forward to is playing in Jill's RE3 outfit. :D

Only 1 day, 16 hours and 30 minuets to go

24-02-03, 12:28
Hi Colin, congrats on getting a G.C - they rock!! And Resi is good, especially setting fire to Crimson Heads, and shooting zombies in the face!!!

24-02-03, 12:41
Lisa is disturbing to see, and the first time I saw her I thought it was Sherry because I'm stupid like that. Don't even bother trying to shoot at her, you can't kill her until right before you get into the lab.

24-02-03, 14:53
Lisa looks like a giant psycho, I've seen a couple of movies of her. BTW, does anyone know when RE2 and 3 for GC will be released here? I know there just ports but I want to buy them but don't know when the out. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

24-02-03, 18:33
Where exactly is the outfit room in the mansion?

Can I change my clothes early on in the game, not like the original where you have to get the Armour key first? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

24-02-03, 20:11
That's because Lisa is a giant pyscho.
I read that the release dates of RE2 and 3 are still to be announced in the UK, but it will be some time in 2003. Zero comes out March 7th though. It's a really great game.
Like in the original RE1, the game has 3 alternate endings. I never played the game with Jill again afterI finished it. So I don't know if I got a closet key like last time. But if I were to get a closet key, I wouldn't know where the room is because it's not in the same place as the original RE... :confused: :confused: I'll check and get back to you...

25-02-03, 08:29
Thanks Lots4Waldy. Hey everyone, guess what I'm getting tomorrow? :D

25-02-03, 10:50
Hey Lots4Waldy, I just found out how to get the closet key and where to go to change outfits.

Beat the game once to get each character's first costume available, then another time for their second. Before you will be able to wear them however, you must grab the closet key from the item box. Then go to the room where you had the cinema with the zombie (and whom you most likely wasted that newly acquired and perfectly good defence item on) and go back into that part of the room. There should be a painting along one of the walls that will open up into the closet room.

I'm so happy, I can't wait to play tomorrow :D :D :D

25-02-03, 12:45
I should have the closet key then. I didn't check yesterday but I will today. I took forever saving Chris' butt in the game, this better be why I got the key.
Is this the cinema of the first fisrt zombie? That one that kills Kenneth like in the fisrt game?

25-02-03, 13:01
I think it's wear you get the first defence item from the shelves, somewhere in the Gallery area. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

25-02-03, 20:04
guess what I'm getting tomorrow? :D What?? Wait, don't tell me... I won't believe you... :D

25-02-03, 20:50
Oh! Oh! I know where you're talking about now! Yeah...Stupid zombie did take my frist defense item...That was one zombie that I didn't burn and it never came back as a crimson head...Maybe because of that cabinet thingy that's in front of the doorway.

26-02-03, 06:04
(I hope Colin not to be "vanished" after getting the GC)


26-02-03, 08:53

Well, I might not be posting as much because I'll be playing the RE remake. :D

See u soon. :D

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26-02-03, 20:11
Tell me when you're done, who are you playing as, Jill or Chris?

27-02-03, 00:56
I started playing RE on gamecube the day it came out in the states. To put it mildly, the game rocks. Finished it a couple of times.Sometimes as Chris, sometimes as Jill. Jill could get better weopons. Chris had more strength. Could not beat those damn bonus times though. The graphics in this game are incredible. VERY gory. Actually, the sounds that the zombies & bosses make are the creepiest to me. And the lighting is soooo dark and kinda lonely feeling. I bought RE 0 next. Kind of complicated because you are playing two characters at the same time & thay must do their own thing or you cannot proceed. Unfortunately, this game is almost impossible to finish without a walkthrough book. I haven't bought RE 2 & 3 yet, but anyone who has & is playing it please drop a topic in the forum! :eek:

27-02-03, 07:54
Originally posted by Lots4Waldy:
Tell me when you're done, who are you playing as, Jill or Chris?Well, I'm playing as Jill and about to kill Plant42 with the V-Jolt. The game seems awfully quick, but maybe that's because I know most of the puzzles. I can't wait to get to the Lab. :D Oh yeah, the outfit room is located in the area wear you get your first defence item, look on the map. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


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27-02-03, 17:41
I've completed Resident Evil remake.

It took me nearly 10 hours, unfortunately this is well over the time limit to get the Samural Edge Gun. BTW, does this gun have unlimited ammo?


If somebody has this weapon can you please give me some tips. And can you tell me what thinks to pick up, thinks not to pick up, to help me get it. When there are cut-scenes does the clock still keep on ticking? ;)