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tlr online
23-02-03, 23:30
Anyone watching this evenings BAFTA awards will have been moved by Producer Saul Zaentz's anti-war acceptance speech in which he quotes Nelson Mandela and attacks the economic and political structure of America. Breaking with tradition, members are invited to cast their vote in a straw poll on whether or not Britain and the U.S. should go to war with Iraq.

24-02-03, 03:10
Are you sure you want to talk politics on a game forum?

tlr online
24-02-03, 03:41
If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have posted it. I'm interested in public opinion.

24-02-03, 04:28
ok, here is my opinion. I think that this is not the place to be talking about Iraq because there is a lot of opposition to America right now and this thread may very well turn into a bash America thread.

tlr online
24-02-03, 05:37
Trinity34. Thank you for your comments. I have more faith in our members to voice intelligent opinion, and those familar with this forum will know I won't allow this thread to turn into a bashing frenzy.

24-02-03, 05:57
This has nothing to do with the nations or whatever Trinity34. I don't think that someone will say something like that. I think that it's what a person wants as a human being on this earth. Nothing more... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

24-02-03, 08:26
I voted against war - I survived bombing of Yugoslavia (march-june 1999) and it was terrible.

I think that noone want to have that kind of experience, even people in Iraq or any other country.

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24-02-03, 08:44
I voted yes. I know it is horrible, but when that freak does something, like chemical war,or attacking one of his neighbours, or killing off his own people, the world always looks around and says "why didn't anybody DO anything?" We will get the blame either way Trinity34, picking on the U.S.A. is the only thing the world seems to agree on, we will be the 'bad guys' no matter what we do. I voted yes because I don't want another September 11th--For Anyone !!!!

24-02-03, 08:46
I hope not, I may never get to play AOD. :( I hope they get what they deserve but war is not the answer. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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24-02-03, 09:04
I voted against war. People who vote for war are never the people who get hurt by war.

24-02-03, 10:16
I voted no! If we are so afraid of chemical or nuclear war from them, What do I think will happen if we go to war? Exactly that

24-02-03, 10:17
I agree with you, dmc444

24-02-03, 12:16
I just don't know. I think I would like to see Saddam wiped out, but warfare, be it chemical, nuclear or biological frightens the hell out of me, and there are lot of innocent people going to get hurt or worse in iraq, who have simply been lied to about who is evil - the West, and not their own lunatic leader. I don't think war is good, but sometimes it is a case of the lesser of two evils.

24-02-03, 12:29
*Duffman inserts his 2 cents*

War is bad, cant dispute that, but sometimes force is the only language people understand. sadam is a dictator, and has killed thousands of his own people, and gased thousands of others (remember 1988 gas bombing by sadam)... in any language, this is wrong...

I dont want war, but, and there was always going to be a but, what are we going to do? - stand around and watch sadam (no capital letter for his name im afraid) destroy everything... he is clearly not FOR peace, he is bad...

If we dont stop him, he will continue his tyrant style of dominating "leadership"... he is like hitler, and will do anything, even blow up one side of the earth to get his way... sadam is not nice to his people, his country and anyone that doesnt conform to him...

Im definately not having a go at you Trin or any other US person, but the US government has to change its approach... Bush wants war... bad thing to show i think... Bush is not doing a terrible job, but him and the defense guy (little sus about his motive) should have a long hard think about the future... he is not the leader of the world, and i hope he doesnt become it, but his involvement is major and major involvement should be taken in consideration of the others who are involved... dont abuse Bush mate...

another thing, the aussies will know about this, i dont know about international people, but those (idiot) people going over as human shields... truely stupid... if they are in the way, i feel they are no longer innocent because they are making a point to become a part of it... sadam will kill/use them, for sure, they will cry, of course and what then?...

so to clarify, people may not want war... but who has a solution to help the situation?... i havent heard a feasible alternative...

and to finish.. if ive said anything to offend, sorry, a hard topic to be "suttle" about...

*Duffman takes a breath*

the croft woman!
24-02-03, 15:51
I know nothing about politics, but here's my opinion.

Two wrongs do not make a right. If they go to war, who knows? World War 3 might break out!!

Thousands of innocent people will get killed and lifes destroyed.

They should just find a solution that does not involove war! War dont make things better! They should just take over Iraqs armed forces people and bombs etc, and... well... do it something like that! But avoid war... war is wrong!

Sorry I've just spoken a load of jibberish , told you I know nothing on politics, and Im not entirely up to date! But hey!

Lara's Girl
24-02-03, 15:52
One thing's for sure.... it really makes waiting a few extra months for AOD seem rather unimportant.

24-02-03, 20:29
I agree with Duffman on this... Everyone is saying we shouldn't go to war. Does anyone have another solution?
(someone tell me if I said something wrong, please)
Israel is in the range of the missles Iraq has. We gave missles to Iraq to protect them with a range of 90 miles, is it? Now they found them with a 125 mile range, which can get to Israel. People say we'll loose innocent lives fighting Iraq. Well, I think it'll be worse when they bomb Israel, then innocent people will really die. At least when someone dies in war they are fighting for something they believe in.
Another thing, we need their gasoline.

Werner Von Croy
24-02-03, 22:42
I think this is an important topic and ripe for discussion.What is more important than life and death?
However the old adage about not talking about religion or politics, i think applies.Most of you know my position on this so i`d hate to get a reputation for being critical of US policy.And i could write pages on why war would be foolish and ill advised.Some of you would cover your ears anyway so all i`d be doing is preaching to the converted.
;) :D

24-02-03, 22:55
What's your main reason, aside from loosing lives, not to agree with having a war?

25-02-03, 04:31
Hey, well I know lots of people from here, my country who think that USA (no offense) sticks its nose where it doesnt belong, and if theres any problem in the world USA will be there first than anyone.
Well about Iraq, I think that maybe all this "nuclear arms" could be an excuse for all the oil that Iraq has. I mean "oil" can be very important in the future, maybe USA really is thinking of the future.
People dont forget JFK !!, remember that (at least I have seen in the movies) all the military people were trying to convince him to go to war in the Cuba missle problem, but thanks to JFK, we didnt go to war treating the problem peacefully.
But I think now there is no choice, USA will go to war, because I think USA wants to be the main potential in all the world, USA wants to rule the world. And maybe in the future oil can be a huge importance, but what the h"ll should I know im 15.

Well just my thoughts http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

25-02-03, 05:36
First of all you have to ask yourself - Weapons of mass distruction? The USA & Britan want to have all the big weapons so no one can threaten them. Anyone seen clips of The Heroshima bombing? Weapons of mass distruction?

The USA arn't intrested in anything else other than having a lapdog in power in Iraq (Think Oil on this one). No Oil in Bosnia, No US intervention? 9.11 A war on the world? I think not? Twin towers -(USA) No other country was attacked on that day? No War on the world?

After 9.11 The US wanted the whole world to sit up and take notice of them - We the US are at the font in stopping the terrorist? Where were all these so called do gooders when it came to the IRA?

The USA is now more than making up for the fact that it was late coming into WW2 by getting in there first at every oppertunity in can.

The arrogance of the USA thinking it was king of the world and untouchable was brought to book on 9.11

If This does now goto a war, look out as with us standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA we make ourselves an open target for any terrorist to have a pop at.

Know I think I understand WHY the Spitfire planes during WW2 had a big target painted on there sides.

PS... And as for Sadam killing his own people. Let any country not guilty of killing its own people put up there hand now? They've all done it at one time or another.

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26-02-03, 03:14
Being a citizen of the US,and a firm believer in many of the ideals this country was founded on,I also believe that no individual or government is above reproach or accountability.

My point is,I don't want to go to war,but when we the people elected George Bush Jr as our leader,we should have known what we were getting ourselves into.His father wanted war with Iraq,so it looks like GBjr is finishing his father's mission,so to speak.I sincerely hope that it won't happen,though.

That having been said,I really don't think that tragedies such as 9-11 or war for that matter,should be defined by what people did or did not do.WWII was bad by all accounts and I don't consider the US 'evil' because we did not wish to get involved at the outset.No more than I would look down on any country/government who wished to avoid war with Iraq.

26-02-03, 16:14
Hello everyone,

I think it's fitting to discuss this subject here, although it's a game forum.
We have to live in the real world and the subject is important enough indeed.
I voted against war.
I know that Hussein and his helpers are rabid mass-murderers and ought to be put into small cages. Udai's double-ganger, who fled, had horrifying stories to tell.
I remember a photo exhibition showing gas-victims in North-Irak at the university-cafeteria years ago. These are just some stories that come to mind.
Regrettably Hussein didn't catch a bomb.
In a new war it's the civilians and drafted Iraqui men who'll die in the first place.

71% of the population are against the war in Germany, 77 in France, 95 in Spain.

No, Trinity 34, Germany isn't on a bash America trip at all.
Its opposition to the war is legitimate and should be treated in a sober manner. A political conflict with the USA is not intended.

The loss of life is the most important consideration, but there's more.
Economies all over suffer from the war-threat, the space program that I believe is important to all humankind suffers budget-cuts.

If only there was some real social progress in people's minds, then the Hitlers and the Stalins of this world would never get a chance.

26-02-03, 17:21
I'm actually really unsure about it. I know we have to get rid of Saddam (spelt backwards it's maddas [Mad ass]? Does that tell us something?). However, I'm worried about what he can do in retaliation, and are the rumours true about him being in league with Bin Laden? Surely a crack squad can find out where he is, go in quietly, kill him and get out again......

26-02-03, 17:56
Even if that happened, and no one has been sucessful thus far, a crony of his would just step into his shoes and nothing would change. Same government policies different name of "leader".
If there is anyone out there who has not as yet read (and I mean read, not seen) Stephen King's "The Stand" I suggest they do so. I think it's his best work ever and it leaves you thinking for a long time after.
War has never been the best solution, but, what is ?. I don't know. If we had the ability to send each nation to it's own planet it would only be a matter of time until the planets were at war! It's the nature of the beast (us!) and what can we do to change that????

Werner Von Croy
07-03-03, 15:31
Check this out!!


07-03-03, 16:39
Werner, I don't think the US was alone in all this.

Werner Von Croy
07-03-03, 20:48
I don`t think it was alone either! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif
But why arm someone then say that their arms are a threat to the world only when they don`t kill the people you wanted dead.
Many countries have done this, but they don`t want war as much as the US.This isn`t a criticism of the US but an illustration of the duplicity of US politicians - check the names; Rumsfeld Bush(both!) Chenney.