View Full Version : UNREAL 2 tops charts around Europe

tlr online
25-02-03, 00:33
Infogrames Entertainment reports that Unreal 2 : The Awakening PC pots excellent sales in the main european territories. Unreal 2 : The Awakening reigns as number 1 selling title in United-Kingdom, France and Italy since its release in February 7, 2003 (sources : Chart Track, GFK, Media World Chart).

Developed by Legend Entertainment (an Infogrames studio) in conjunction with Epic Games and published by Atari, the game incorporates the same absorbing story-driven gameplay, cunningly ferocious enemies and nail-biting tension that made the original title a landmark event and the top choice in action for millions of fans in PC gaming.

Marcus T
25-02-03, 01:09
I bought that game myself, but haven't had much chance playing it yet. My kid brother already finished it. It doesn't seem to hold the same kind of atmosphere as the first game though, however, seems quite interesting nonetheless.