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tlr online
28-02-03, 01:56
Great thread idea from Empire Online. This is a place to unload some of your more embarrassing moments, and be forgiven. Confess your sins and seek absolution...

28-02-03, 03:37
Oh man,where would I start...?

28-02-03, 09:19
At the beginning is a good place.........

28-02-03, 10:12
My sins are too naughty for this borad...BELIEVE ME....mainly because they are rude thing ;)

28-02-03, 16:18
You bunch of scaredy cats! That's the whole point of the internet, in that you're not as embarrassed saying stuff as you would to Joe Bloggs down the pub on a Friday night.

Ok, let me see.....

Well I'll keep it TR-based. My T.V and PS2 is on a table right up close to my bed, so I always play either lying in bed or sat on it. One time when I was lying in it, I went through the entire 40 Fathoms level when I was.....(how would you put it?)..."with someone"?
Let's just say she was an irritating individual to the extreme. Dodging sharks seemed like more fun at the time.

Oh yeah, and I get that one wormed out of me sometimes when I'm drunk and it's quite embarassing. I'm not drunk now though, I hasten to add

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28-02-03, 18:32
I hope being forgiven your sins here doesn't cost you money, which was the catholic church's policy centuries ago. It was called "Ablaß" in Germany.

One knight went to a monk called Tetzel, who was in charge of this business in Northern Germany and bought the forgiveness for one robberie.
Later the knight lay in wait in a place that is now called the "Tetzel-stone" and robbed the monk's collected fortune. When Tetzel roared "thou shalt roast in hell!", the knight showed him his document of penitence with a grin.

Happy sinning,

28-02-03, 22:18

(This never happened, okay? Okay. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif )

01-03-03, 10:53
Originally posted by dmc444:
At the beginning is a good place.........Yeah,but some of my transgressions have backstories! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Anyway,here's a minor one:I've been lying to all of you...Idgie is not my real name! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

01-03-03, 18:30
I know what it is! I know what it is! :D :D

01-03-03, 19:55
Hi everyone

Well, OK.... They dont call me Satan for nothing! Im a MASS MURDERER and a SERIAL KILLER, and enjoy tearing my victims to pieces, as well as pitting them up against the most ferosious snakes, spiders, scorpions and ants (skinless) prior to their SLOW deaths. Sometimes I fry them bit by bit and have a BBQ, inviting around all my friends to enjoy their missing neighbours in a tasty bun with Tomato Ketchup and onions. And the silly sods think the blood is really red wine!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahahah.......................... .................................................. .................................................. ..NAH, JUST KIDDING....ITS ALL A LIE, but then again, I am a deciever......!!!!!!!or am i really a mass murderer.......and serial killer......?..................................... ...........................................NAH, I couldnt be bothered doing all that, too much effort.

Let me think about my most embarassing moment,and Ill post it here later.

Hope everyone is OK. Just think, a couple more delays and well all be playing Angel of Darkness.



Croft Security
01-03-03, 20:21
Finally, a place where I can get this off my chest. It's been eating at me for years...the guilt is unbearable! I...I....I used walkthroughs for TR 1, 2, and 3! Oh the shame! (weep sob weep). I'm sorry. Well I don't feel any better.

02-03-03, 00:50
Okay... here goes...

Duffman, the name i use becuase of two reasons, because i luv the simpsons so much and as a contradictory statement as i do not drink alcohol... is a falasy...

i have indeed "consumed" alcohol... oh the shame, no one knows except for you guys and one other person involved in the consuming of a mouthful of alcohol...

i guess ill explain... set the scene: in a park across the road from a party we were all at, with new (somewhat drunk.... maybe more than somewhat) girlfriend, intreged by my stance not to drink alcohol... laughing and joking, drinking (except for me) and having fun.... girlfriend, turns to me, bright eyed and beautiful, leans forward to kiss me, i lean forward too, we kiss.... um... somethings a little different this time... hang on a second... girlfriend had put alcohol in her mouth, as to "transfer" to to me... damn... i was tricked... *swallow*.... damn, damn, damn... she laughs, i do too... tricky little bugger... never would have guessed it... party continues... no more alcohol consumed, just normal kisses... ;)

Damn... well, i now feel a whole lot better now.

the croft woman!
02-03-03, 16:29
When we went to spain on holiday last year, my youngest sister was annoying me during dinner. When we went back to our hotel rooms that night I still had a grudge on her. Anyway, I went onto the balcony, and a ****roach was sitting in the corner. Im terrified of them.. and so is my youngest sister... So i grabbed a glass, caught it and hid it under her blanket before she came into the room. She got ready for bed, and she never noticed it when she got into bed. **Oops, wasnt meant to happen like this** I was on the desk texting my ex (who was my boyfriend at the time) and suddenly my youngest sister said somethings tickling her belly... She pulled off the blanket, and there on her belly was that ugly ****roach! She screamed so loud! Ive never seen her so scared in my life! bless her!

Bad thing is, she was badly shaken up
Good thing is, I got away with it! >:)

Croft Security
03-03-03, 00:08

Your worst sin is that you consumed one mouthful of alcohol? If that's a sin, then I'm going to hell for sure. But you know what they say: I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif .

03-03-03, 05:05
Well, croft Security, Im afraid ruling in Hell is not currently an option, as that seat is taken by my father (Lord Satan 2nd), and as I am the Prince of Hell, you have a long wait. Please rest assured that there is always a place in hell for everyone (However, We will soon be recruiting 5,000 Aligator Tailed, Fluffy eared (ex) Human Gladiators, feel free to apply if you get there).

I agree with you Croft Security, consuming alcohol is not a sin, its what you do after its been consumed that makes you sin!!!!!! ESPECIALLY at XMas parties with all of your work mates........! erm, nuff said on this I think! :rolleyes:

DUFFMAN, R U A Medal of Honour fan, if so, email me (check my profile for email address).

Regards, Prince of Darkness - AKA Dr. SATAN

07-03-03, 11:24
Although I made this funny entry I didn't want to ridicule this thread.
It's not a bad idea, however I prefer to talk about sins weighing on my conscience to a friend "under four eyes". (german expression)

07-03-03, 13:05
im a crafty 1! this stupid S**G was hasslin my BF, who absolutely hates her!! Shes not a nice person at all!! One day my BF's fone rang and we always answer each others fones if the other1's not there, so i answered the fone-guess wat no answer, so i kept the number. I new in my mind it was her, so i got my BFs aunty 2 ring it and say is that L***A she said yes!! I was furious! I totally believe my BF wen he says he has nothin do wiv it. She goes out wiv 1 of my BF's friends so it wudve bin easy 4 her get his number! She so jealous of us cause we love each other so much n we rnt afraid of showin it!! Neway, shed bin getting funny fone call-NOT from me!! She told my BF it must be me cause shed rang (she said her fone was in her bag unlocked itself n dialled him by accident-liar!) neway it really upset me that she was tryin cum between us, luckily were so strong that nothin can cum between us-were stuck 2getha 4eva! Bear in mind ive still got her number saved, so wat do i do nxt, well do wat im accused of of course!!

I w8ed til 1 nite wen we were in bed, my BF went the toilet, so i rang her, i didnt say nethin just left in silence, she was shoutin sumthin. i put fone down before BF came back, Nxt day wen he was at wk she accused me agin (this time it was tho!) My BF flipped at her-HAHAHA!!! he aint spoke to her since apart from rubbin in all the fun things we do 2getha!! He told her there was no way it cudve been me cause he was wiv me n we were in bed!!

ok so that was **** but i find it funny to think about-guess u just need to be in the situation to understand-sorry 4 boring u!!