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04-03-03, 10:31
Well, how about that...

News straight from the press Duffman is now one of the employed in the great city of Melbourne...

Finally!!!... just recieved notice that ive got a job i was going for...

It all started last week, Monday, when at about mid-day i recieved a call for an interview at the recruitment agency for a position they felt i would be good for... Thursday comes, the interview was good, and i was excited about the possibility of employment. Monday this week comes, and i recieve word via phone that i am wanted for a followup interview... TODAY!!!... i say, um.... gee very short notice, but sure... gather my thoughts and my apperance and run off, with the help of a friend with a car to the merry town of Malvern.... oh, forgot to tell you, my friend dropped me off at Flinders street station then i was going to go to Malvern and was suprised the agency called after i just got out of the car and told me some information about other candidates and what they got at the interview... during this time i was also trying to cross the road, get a ticket and find the right train... "Ok, bye, thanx.." *hang up*... walk down stairs only to see im 1 minute late... OH KRAP... ill be really late for the interview... what shall i do?.... ring up connect-in-one... get onto the recruitment agency, tell them, and also tell them to notify the company that ill be 15-20 minutes late... got onto the later train, got to the interview and had a 40 minute interview... first proper IT related interview, with the company, instead of just a recruitment agency... i think i did well... today comes, get another call for another job (not one i really wanted)... great, on track to getting a job real soon, yet just after (@ about quarter to 5pm) that phone interview the good news!!!!.... "Ive got good news Duffman (didnt say duffman of course)"... "They would like you for the position!!!"... "Great news"... "They would like you to start tomorrow!"... "oh gee, thats a little short notice"... "well Thursday maybe better if you like"... "Yes, "(gives me time to get ready)... she explains the information i need to know, and now i am one of the many employed...

Im pretty excited, yet i have to go tomorrow and get shoes and maybe a new tie... ill have to pospone the personal ventures of websites and PCs i was meant to build for people, but should still be involved in it somewhere, somehow... i get a call at least once a day from someone about a PC related problem... will take a while to knock them back and not feel bad... but i just wont have the time...

Will still come here... but sometimes may seem a little tired...

Just thought id share some good news...


tlr online
04-03-03, 10:39
Congratulations Duffman!

Lara's Girl
04-03-03, 13:37
Congratulations Duffman! (WorkingMan) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif I just noticed you are from Australia...! If you happen to see the lady in my avatar let me know okay? :D I know I know, it seems dumb to me too when people ask me if I know 'so&so' from Canada... I just couldn't resist ;)

04-03-03, 17:10
YAAAAAY Duffman! Congratulations.

http://www.levelbase.org/smilies/smilie/a_smil09.gif http://www.levelbase.org/smilies/smilie/a_smil09.gif http://www.levelbase.org/smilies/smilie/a_smil09.gif http://www.levelbase.org/smilies/smilie/a_smil09.gif

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04-03-03, 23:19
HEY CONGRATS DUFFMAN....how LOOOONG ave you been looking for work eh!....so you gotta wear a tie and stuff eh?.....must be a pretty SPIFFY kinda job, i hope you enjoy the job as well....good on YA!

05-03-03, 00:59
u lost me lara's girl... who is she?...

thanx guys... im excited, see how it goes tomorrow.. moment of truth... should be great.

ive been looking for ages, applyed for 75+ jobs, and until recently, got little in reply, but recently ive had 3 other job followups, so i was bound to get a job sooner or later...

thanx agian...


05-03-03, 01:50
Congratulations Duffman http://smilies.networkessence.net/s/contrib/blackeye/stretch.gif

05-03-03, 05:01
Entirely wonderful Duff. Is this your first job???. Do good and make lots of money and ...
start looking for that woman! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

05-03-03, 05:52
That's really great!!! Congrats!!!!!

05-03-03, 07:16
Annacia, this is my first full time permanent position yes... ive had part time work and done plenty of other work (including running my own business), but im excited because this is a position that i will be in from the hours of 8:30am - to - 4:30pm, 5 days a week... not casual, not part time... a "real" job...

very excited, just got back from the shops with new shoes, shirt and tie... should be a great day... ill try and post tomorrow evening about my first day on the job... tell you all how i went guys...

-Thanking all TRF Members for their support, Duffman-

08-03-03, 01:42
Hey Duffman! How did it go?

08-03-03, 03:54
Great!... damn lot of information to take in over the past two days, but im looking forward to doing what i need to do each day on my own. Lots of people in the company, more than i thought, i have to support them, but for now just do some processing that takes a while each day. Produce reports and process things after i get emails from other departments in the building.

Takes over an hour to get there, and an hour back each day. Train, to another Train and a 50 meter walk to the building for 1 hour is really tiring and boring...

The work is varied, but my day is pretty full, except for a few moments where i ahve to wait for minutes, hours for the computer to process tasks... or for people to get to me with an email before i can process things...

Thanx for the support guys, it really makes a difference...

08-03-03, 11:06
Good to see it went well for ya Duffman http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ...at least your liking so far http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif ...i gotta catch a train for 1 hr also...to get to Tafe.Its so boring and the people on the trains are so weird.

09-03-03, 02:10
Good luck Duffman, hope U enjoy it for years to come.