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tlr online
04-03-03, 11:14
Interesting. I was just about to intall HOTBAR and noticed this in their privacy notes.

"When you visit Web sites with the Software installed (the "Service"), we collect information about the Web sites you visit and the pages you view. This information allows us to display toolbar buttons that are related to the Web site you are currently visiting. For every Web page you view while using the Service, the Hotbar software transmits and stores the following information from your computer to Hotbar: Your IP Address, which may include a domain name; the full URL of the Web page you are visiting; general information about your browser; general information about your computer's operating system; your Hotbar cookie number (and through registry) and the date and time the above information is logged. When you type search terms into a search engine site while using the Service, the search term ("Search Term") you entered is transmitted from your computer and stored by Hotbar. This allows us to display buttons on the Hotbar toolbar that are related to the search term you entered. We also collect and store the following Hotbar Toolbar usage statistics: what Toolbar buttons you click on; what links within the Toolbar buttons you click on; the amount of time you have used the Software during each session; what browser skins you have downloaded during any given session."

tlr online
04-03-03, 11:16
So basically, wherever your surf while using "the Service", HOTBAR records this information. Whilst this isn't too alarming for dynamic IP users, anyone connecting via LAN or static IP will have their web movements monitored by HOTBAR. Just another Big Brother watching your every movement on the web...

04-03-03, 13:35
Hi tlr,
Hotbar is well known as spyware. The real problems start for those who decide that they don't like this program and try to uninstall.

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tlr online
04-03-03, 13:46
I can imagine. I wonder how people realise just how bad this type of software is before they install. Maybe some people don't care. Personally, I find the idea of my movements being tracked appalling and totally offensive. But then I've always lobbied for privacy. SPAM, Spyware, tracking cookies... it's getting out of control, and the tragedy is that no authority exists to monitor and enforce against this kind of invasion of privacy.

04-03-03, 15:49
You might want to check out Ad-aware (http://www.lavasoft.de/software/adaware/), a nice little "Free" utility to check and clean your computer of many "addware/spyware" componets.
You may be suprised at what you find :eek:
I've been using it for a couple years with good results.
Disclaimer; I'm not afiliated with lavasoft in any way, just a satisfied user. ;)

tlr online
04-03-03, 17:16
Yup. Both Ad Aware and Search And Destroy both permanent residents on our PC's at work and on my PC at home. And no, I'm not surprised... :(

05-03-03, 01:11
no software that connects to the internet is exempt from spying... u just don't know... unless its developed by Duffman...