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tlr online
05-03-03, 07:22
You are cordially invited to the first showing of Starcraft: Ghost, the first next generation console title to be developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the studio behind the landmark Warcraft, Diablo and Starcaft franchises. The Curzon Cinema in London's Mayfair will play host to Blizzard's Bill Roper as he presents Starcraft: Ghost to the UK media for the first time. Bill will also be taking questions during the open forum regarding the title.

Starcraft: Ghost is scheduled for a Q4 2003 release on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube, and the Curzon Cinema event is a rare opportunity to see this stunning game and speak to its creator. The presentation starts at 9:00am on Tuesday March 18th with the Q&A session running until 12:30pm.