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tlr online
05-03-03, 19:39
What did you all think of Bond 20? aka Die Another Day.

07-03-03, 13:07
eeeeerrrrrr, not exactly the best!! My BF is the biggest bond fan EVA n i think he was slightly dissapointed!! It was OK but i think it cudve been betr!

Dnt get me wrong, all the bond movies are gr8, but in comparisson to some of the previous this wasnt as gud!

tlr online
07-03-03, 13:16
What's your favourite Bond to date?

07-03-03, 15:31
I love the Bond films, and I didn't think DAD was as bad as some people make it out to be. The ending (on the plane), was one of the weakest for a great many years, and the CGI on the para-surfing stunt was poor. Apart from that though it was a good film.

08-03-03, 08:24
I love James Bond! But yeah, I thought Die Another Day was pretty lame. There was this scene where he took of his jacket, jumped in the water, and took if off again!

My favourites would probably be Live And Let Die & Goldeneye.

Channel 10 showed Bond movies every Saturday for ages but I think they went through all the ones they owned, but Octopussy is on tonight http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif