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tlr online
05-03-03, 20:43
Couple of new Windows Longhorn screen shots from build 4100 which has leaked onto the web

gasp!!, no?! you're kidding?! An alpha MS o/s leak?! Why I outta....

Click HERE (http://content.cachenetworks.com/cache/402/_1/images/longhorn/desktop.png) for the new Windows Longhorn desktop and HERE (http://content.cachenetworks.com/cache/402/_1/images/longhorn/mymusic.png) for the new My Music folder.

tlr online
05-03-03, 20:46
I must say, I do rather like the desktop clock. Looks real smart and very convenient if you have your taskbar set to auto-hide.

05-03-03, 21:20
when is this available to the public?

tlr online
05-03-03, 21:26
Not sure. Probably 2004.

05-03-03, 21:42
I'm not really sure if I like it. The only plus I've heard about is the multiple desktop feature, but anyone could get that in Linux and my video card supports it anyway.

I really hope that image on the My Music forlder (and probably other such folders) can be customised. It takes up way too much space.

05-03-03, 22:57
I don't know...its just the next step in operating systems.

Are you sure this isn't one of those hoaxes that have been floating around the net?

The menu system on the right side of the desktop looks like its going to compete with Mac OSX.

TLR you are right the clock addition is kinda cool.

To me it just looks like an extreme facelift over XP, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the thing to look at is the kernel.

NT/XP kernel is about the best you can get right now, the only thing better would be Linux (i think ;) ).

05-03-03, 23:22
One word - Palladium :( :rolleyes:

<and i bet i've spelt it wrong!>