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06-03-03, 00:02
NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced it is showcasing the ultimate tools and platforms for powering a new era of cinematic gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the annual gathering of the world's best 3D artists and game development professionals, being held March 6th to 8th at the San Jose Convention Centre. Located in booth 1108, NVIDIA will demonstrate the industry's most complete product line-up of software tools and graphics processing units (GPUs) for the desktop PC, mobile and professional workstation markets.

In addition to showcasing its diverse product line-up, NVIDIA is inviting all artists attending GDC to participate in its third "Got Art?" drawing contest. The contest will run throughout the show, with "heats" held every 30 minutes. Using NVIDIA-provided traditional art materials such as charcoal, pastels, crayons and paper, contestants will be asked to put their imaginations on paper for the chance to win an NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics card and other prizes.

NVIDIA will be participating in many of the talks and sessions taking place at the conference, as well as serve as lead sponsor of the third annual Game Developers Choice Awards. Session topics include tutorials on Cg, OpenGL® and Direct3D® programming, hardware shaders, as well as a session titled "Ogres and Fairies: Secrets of the NVIDIA demo team," at which the creative minds behind the NVIDIA GeForce FX technology demos will share their knowledge.

"NVIDIA hardware solutions increase programmer productivity and decrease development time of more graphically complex games, making it the most stable and reliable development platform in the industry," said Dan Vivoli, executive vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "With this new generation of NVIDIA hardware, software tools and the Cg programming language, developers have all they need to take us on an incredible journey of cinematic gaming."

NVIDIA products and development tools on display include:

NVIDIA GeForce FX — the industry's first cinematic computing series of GPUs unleashes a new era in cinematic gaming. NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs render games that look at good as big-budget Hollywood movies by delivering flawless image quality, blazing fast performance and providing rock solid stability that has made NVIDIA GeForce GPUs the overwhelming choice of both game developers and gamers.

NVIDIA Quadro FX — the industry's first line of professional workstation graphics solutions to combine 128-bit floating point precision with an eight pipeline, fully programmable graphics engine, NVIDIA Quadro FX GPUs deliver unprecedented levels of realism and interactive sophisticated real-time effects for content development, visual processing and other professional applications.

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