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tlr online
09-03-03, 22:14
In case you've noticed, we're currently out-sourcing our advertising inventory to a new company called Burst Media. I've just logged into our account on their web site, and according to their figures, our advertising banners for Saturday (yesterday) used 650MB of their bandwidth!!!


10-03-03, 01:25
I think ive built up an immune system to advertsising, i just dont notice it these days, yet i did notice the unattractive addition to this site with advertsising below...

Werent we just talking about that sort of stuff on the Yahoo site tlr?...

tlr online
10-03-03, 01:27
Indeed we were. It's simple really, a site with banners, to recoup some of the excessive costs incurred by maintaining TRC, or no site at all. Have a read of my replies to this (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=13;t=001937) post to see why they were necessary. Having said that, unlike Yahoo! I haven't included a billion pop-ups, and the ads are tucked away at the bottom of your screen.

10-03-03, 01:43
no prob mate...

and i hope you wouldnt include popups... its all good... long live TRC!!

Duffman is supportive of ethical methods to improve performance and keep TRC up and running, u know that tlr...

tlr online
10-03-03, 01:44
No pop-ups within a mile of this place http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

tlr online
10-03-03, 01:48
b/w How's the new job going?

10-03-03, 02:32
Good tlr... thanx for asking...

It involves a lot of waiting, processing and waiting for emails from other departments, but im glad to be involved in the company. Being part of the IT department and having access to IT only areas like the very kool "computer room" with many many servers... 8-10 i think... is cool. Having admin access to do things is cool... unlike trying to hack into the admin at high school (sshhh...), its good to have actual access to everything. I hav a phone and PC (of course) at my desk, and plenty of coffee for those long days...

Im still being trained in the processes of the company, and havent yet met the Managing Director of my Supervisor who are interstate... but the people i work iwht and are involved with day-to-day are great people...

Its a good springboard to something that will keep me busy for a long time... im only 19, so its a great start and im very happy...

Im involved in support of the company PC's... and with 80+ employees just in my building (which happens to be HQ) its alot of problems day-to-day, from Printers, keyboards to crashes and such. Other than that i have to process and make reports and make sure the transactions of the company's customers go thro...

Thanx for the Support tlr and forum members, its been great...

10-03-03, 03:39
How much bandwidth did you use today, Sunday?