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tlr online
10-03-03, 01:56
G-Spot has posted an interesting article on Tron 2.0, the game sequel to Disney's 1982 movie about a programmer digitally captured inside a computer world of gladiatorial games.

"Although the focus is on action elements, it is possible to build up your abilities as you progress. You'll find subroutines that grant special abilities, but there's some strategy involved in picking the right subroutines for a level, because each level has only a certain number of memory slots that corresponds to its computer context, so a PDA will be much more constricting than a lab computer. Each subroutine comes in different levels: an alpha version is the least efficient and takes up three memory slots, a beta version takes up two slots, and the fully optimized gold version needs just one slot. There's also an experience system indicated by Jet's version number in the upper-left corner--written as "Jet v7.4.6"--and stepping up to higher versions let you improve your basic attributes.

"The game also recreates light cycle racing, likely the most popular element from the classic Tron arcade game. Light cycles look like sleek, enclosed motocycles that create solid light trails in their wake. Hitting walls and light cycle trails is fatal, and the challenge is to trap opponents in your trail or their own. The control is quite simple: the A and D keys instantly turn left or right at exact right angles, the W and S keys control your speed, and the mouse controls the camera. Parts of the arena floors are colored green, which gives you a high-speed boost, and there are a couple different types of power-ups, which are activated with the mouse button. Not only will the light cycle racing figure into the story mode in a racing tournament that unlocks a supercycle, but some levels get you into a light cycle chase, where you're trying to get from one location to another and elude pursuing security programs."

Read the full review HERE (http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/0,10870,2912327,00.html)