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10-03-03, 10:49
I just got this letter today about a new company called Serif. It sounds unbelievable, it says by calling the FreePhone number you can get a powerful Desktop Publishing package, previously 99.00, for just 3.95! Plus if I call before April 5th 2003 I'll get 4 Graphics Packages valued at over 150.00 & an amazing Internet wheel mouse COMPLETELY FREE. What do you think? And has anyone else got this letter? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

For more info about this visit www.serif.com (http://www.serif.com)

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10-03-03, 11:30
I think it sounds too good to be true!! Be careful you don't get ripped off if you decide to go for it. I'm a sucker for offers like that but there always seems to be a catch.

By the way, did you manage with Resi? I couldn't get onto the forum when you e-mailed before, the computer I use is my college's laptop, and the bloody thing just would not load up the page. Sorry!

P.S Have you started playing Resi 0 yet? It is awesome! I hope AOD looks as good!!

10-03-03, 11:42
I know it sounds to good to be true and I hope it isn't a rip-off. I'm getting Action Replay for GameCube. I've completed RE on easy mode with Jill twice and I need a little help with completing the game on hard mode (AR). I'm completely broke but will be getting RE0 maybe in a couple a weeks or months. I also hope AOD is as good as RE & RE0, I have high hopes that it will be. I also been thinking of getting a flat-screen monitor for my computer. And sad news for Buffy and Angel fan, I think season 7 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel is the last in the series.

10-03-03, 11:57
Those flat screen moniters are sooo cool!!
As for Resi on difficult...I've only played it on easy http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif I'm not very good at it...its just not TR!! I can't get used to the controls and the camera, no matter how much I play it! But my bf plays it too, and he's better than me, so i just watch and offer 'advice'! :D

10-03-03, 15:49
Is the flat-screen any good because my screen is all curvy and wobbly, will it change my screen with flat line edges? I already tried fixing it by clicking on Control Panel/Display/Setting/Advanced/Adapter, and there all messed up.

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