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tlr online
11-03-03, 13:45
Some info from MS includes a statement confirming that there will not be a Direct X version 10 for some time and these details on Windows Longhorn.

As has been rumored, Longhorn will likely include a major overhaul in Window's visual presentation, which may include 3D interface elements. Lester also said it would include a special "My Games" view that would centralize all the matchmaking, control panel settings, patching tools, and game lists and make such tasks much simpler. Microsoft is working on streamlining a number of current technical trouble areas, like the installation process and display drivers, and will centralize game updates through a Windows Update-like patch server. It's also looking into making it possible to run Windows games directly from the CD without installation. Somewhat more straightforward features include adding sophisticated matchmaking into Microsoft Messenger and parental controls over which users can play certain games.

tlr online
11-03-03, 13:50
Click HERE (http://content.cachenetworks.com/cache/402/_1/images/longhorn/desktop.png) for the new Windows Longhorn desktop and HERE (http://content.cachenetworks.com/cache/402/_1/images/longhorn/mymusic.png) for the new My Music folder.

11-03-03, 16:30
Sounds great!